Changing Things Up

I am considering using DropBox to work with Beta Readers.  Each would have access to their folder where they could download the book and insert the edits into the document then save it back with their changes.

Mostly, it would save me time and some confusion. I find Gmail occasionally sends emails with Word attachments directly into my spam folder or trash.  I know a few beta readers have complained about this too.  I’m a big fan of streamlining things and making them easier.

However, I know not everyone has internet at their house due to rural internet restrictions.



One thought on “Changing Things Up

  1. If Dropbox is easier for you go for it. When I’ve been a beta reader I’ve almost always used Word or something or a PDF. That problem came up occasionally, & sometimes I exchanged phone numbers with the authors, it depends on how comfortable both parties feel. But, that allowed me to text them & let them know I’d sent them something.

    I’ve used an app on my iPad that I loved, when I was fully editing for an author, but it cost around $5 when I bought it. It was extremely helpful to me for editing, however beta readers probably don’t want to invest in that.

    My dad uses Dropbox for his seminars to allow access to those that are home bound like me and has great success with it,

    Speaking as someone who has constant chronic pain, what a useless description for pain that dictates your life sometimes minute by minute, do whatever is easiest for you. Each minute & hour is precious. We all love your books and will adapt to whatever format you choose. I can’t think of all the different things I’ve done just to be a beta reader for authors whose books I enjoy.

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