Some Gems

With Amazon slowly removing reviews, there are a handful of reviewing gems on my books that I want to immortalize.  Plus, we joked about it in one of the book clubs I’m in.  So here are some of my favorite reviews of my books.  Most are one star reviews.

  • 1 star (Tortured Dreams) – Didn’t read this book.
  • 1 star (Dark Resurrections Book 3 in the Strachan Series) – I was lost from the very start of this book.  I felt like there were supposed to be books before this one.  Very confusing.
  • 1 star (Elysium Dreams) – I thought this was a different book.  But it was good for being the wrong book.
  • 1 star (Fortified Dreams) – I read Elysium Dreams then skipped to this one in the series because it was predictable.  Was lost throughout this book even though the author recaps the other books.  As a result I hated it.
  • 1 star (Elysium Dreams) – The level of violence against women in this book was nauseating.  I can’t believe a woman would advocate such violence against her own sex.
  • 1 star (Tortured Dreams) – I got this thinking it was a cozy mystery.  It was NOT.  Good book, but graphic at times.  Would recommend to some of my more twisted friends.
  • 1 star (Dark Cotillion) – the book was very unbelievable.  Demons don’t walk around the planet in their own bodies.
  • 1 star (Dark Cotillion) – Author is obviously an atheist.
  • 1 star (Dysfunctional Affair) – this isn’t a book.
  • 1 star (Dysfunctional Affair) – I don’t know why people liked this book.  I quit reading on the second page.
  • 1 star (Battered Dreams) – Teen girls don’t kill people only teen boys do.
  • 1 star (Cannibal dreams) – I thought this was a love story.  It wasn’t.  Had trouble getting through it.  Wish it had been free.
  • 1 star (Dark Legacy) – This series is nothing like the Dresden Files.
  • 1 star (Elysium Dreams) – Read the two free ones in the series.  I would not want to be friends with Aislinn because she wouldn’t keep my secrets, what a terrible friend.  Will read the next book just to see if her and Malachi finally get together.
  • 1 star (Dysfunctional Honeymoon) – They get married in this book, so I guess it’s the end of the series.  Wish it had romance in it.
  • 1 star (Dysfunctional Valentine) – They get married without ever having sex.  What if he’s terrible in bed?  Don’t do it Nadine!
  • 1 star (Dysfunctional Honeymoon) – Is the author a prude?  Maybe she needs to read the 50 shades books.
  • 1 star (Dark Legacies) – I read 3 books for one love scene.
  • 1 star (Elysium Dreams) – I picked it because it was free.  Then I didn’t read it because of all the reviews that said it was violent.
  • 1 star (Elsyium Dreams) – Wow.  Author jumped straight into the violence on page one, but the rest of the book was tame on the violence in comparison.
  • 1 star (Mercurial Dreams) – But you can’t mummify a body in a swimming pool in Las Vegas, there’s too much water around it.
  • 1 star (Elsyium Dreams) – I liked the book.
  • 1 star (Tortured Dreams) – cults don’t kill people.
  • 1 star (Dark Cotillion) – does the author know she mixed up mythology from cultures that never had contact with each other?
  • 1 star (Dark Cotillion) – Got the book free and have thought about reading it a few times.
  • 1 star (Tortured Dreams) – I haven’t gotten around to reading it yet.
  • 5 star (Tortured Dreams) – I know I am going to love this book when I finally get around to reading it.
  • 5 star (Dysfunctional Affair) – I thought it was a good book, I gave it 5* because I felt bad for the author and all the negative reviews even though it was really a 4*book.
  • 5 star (Elysium Dreams) – I don’t know why so many readers hate this book.  It wasn’t more violent than most action movies.
  • 2 star (Summoned Dreams) – This is the least violent in the series so far.
  • 5 star (Fortified Dreams) – the series is very violent but at least it doesn’t have women being raped in every book like other serial killer series.
  • 1 star (Mercurial Dreams) – I have loved all three books I read in this series, but I don’t know why the author thinks I should pay to read them.
  • 1 star (Summoned Dreams) – I like them more when they are free.
  • 1 star (Elysium Dreams) – I have read all Hadena James free books and loved them.
  • 1 star (Cannibal Dreams) – I love this series, but it needs romance to counter the violence of it.
  • 1 star (Cannibal Dreams) – the other books in the series gave me nightmares I don’t know if I can handle this one with cannibalism in it.  Maybe I’ll read it on a sunny day.


4 thoughts on “Some Gems

  1. you should get together with other authors and publish an anthology of reviews. this is so funny. apparently, thinking is optional for some people; especially the ones who keep their common sense on the high shelf.


  2. Hilarious! Dear God I’m laughing so hard while fearing for my life. These are the same people that vote, drive, and interact with us on a daily basis-no wonder I get migraines all the time! They say you can’t argue with crazy, I’m pretty sure that goes for people lacking common sense too.

    Liked by 1 person

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