Saved By The Journal Once Again

I admit in the last year, I have kept my migraine journal mostly out of habit.  It’s like breathing anymore, I just don’t think about writing the entries anymore and my hands and brain automatically fill them in for me.  I can even do it while listening to an audiobook it takes so little effort or conscious thought and so I have kept it even though my migraines have nearly disappeared and the source of my hand pain has been identified.

There is a blasted cricket in the garage that is driving me flipping nuts, just FYI.  It makes me want to break things, like it’s little insect body.  Unfortunately, I can’t seem to get to the damn thing.

Blah.  Blasted cricket…  After my pain management clinic told me that removing my gallbladder might relieve a bit of pain in my hip… I sat down and started to cry once I got home.

A few hours later, I tried to get up the stairs in my house and lo and behold, I kicked the freaking stair.  I sat down to think on the stairs after that and realized my hip was killing me.  I mean really hurt and it had been all day Tuesday.  Not just stair related pain.  I thought back, had I pivoted or something on Monday that would account for the additional pain?  I didn’t think so… I opened up my pain journal to see what I did Monday.  Boring day really.  Monday night… Heart burn.  It had been so bad my back had hurt in a line across where my bra strap was.  I had been doubled over it was so intense.

Wait, wait, wait… Pain Monday was listed as unusually high.  So what had a done Sunday?  Nothing.  Played board games with some friends.  Cue flashing neon sign.  Sunday night heart burn that kept me up until nearly 5 am.

At that point, I did a keyword search for heart burn and pulled up every journal entry in the last year that had the word heart burn, and sure enough the day after one of these episodes, I complained about the pain in my hip being higher than normal.

For the record, I am taking 40mgs of Prilosec a day and the heart burn is defeating it.  I’ve always had some trouble with acid reflux disease (GERD) according to an endoscopy I had 10 years ago, but it was very mild at that time and milk normally took care of it… on the rare occasions it didn’t I used Zantac because it worked faster and better than Prilosec and I didn’t need it every day or even every couple of days, but the last 6 months it has been brutal.  I get heart burn so intense that it’s made me cry.

I can only hope this means that after September 17th, I will have a few more good pain days.  I’m trying not to get my hopes up, but sometimes I find it hard.


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