Nephilim Zwei

I have been attempting to work on edits and rewrites for parts of Natural Born Exorcist.  One of my test readers pointed out I turned a couple of chapters into a lecture on the metaphysical that governs the book.

One of my greatest failings as an author is the trouble I have finding my own areas that require revision.  Unfortunately, that test reader is finishing up a second master’s degree at this time and classes just started back, so she won’t be able to go through and mark the places that need work.

As I try to find the areas to rewrite and remove the metaphysical lecture the next book idea sprang into being.  Good grief.  That’s a problem.  I can’t write and revise at the same time.  Not really.

Besides, I have my goddess private investigator story in the works.  Sometimes, I find my brain overwhelming.  It’s surreal when it happens.  Surely my brain should be able to work out that it is overloading itself, right?  Nope.  Doesn’t seem to see the trees for the forest.

It’s difficult to find a test reader to begin with, one that doesn’t mind pointing out your flaws.  The very idea scares most people.  It starts with thoughts like “well, am I going to hurt their feelings?”  The answer to that is no.  Not because I don’t have feelings, but because I find revision satisfying.  If I disagree with my alpha reader’s opinion, I just ignore the suggestion.

However, those situations don’t crop up very often.  Not with this particular alpha reader anyway.  Perhaps I value her opinion enough that I just automatically figure she’s correct in her assessments.  Who knows.

So the second Nephilim book is officially in progress which doesn’t actually help me.  And I still need to get the first one sorted out… Life.  *sigh*

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