Sept. 17th – Removal of the Gallbladder

Let me start by saying I expected a battle with the surgeon to get my gallbladder removed and there was none, so I might have a slight crush on the woman just for making my life easier.

My HIDA scan was not “Okay” like I was told.  We talked for 5 minutes before she said “It needs to come out.”  Which made me tear up and I said “Yes, thank you so much!”

My gallbladder is hyperactive and drains like it has sustained a hard punch when I eat which is why it hurts so much sometimes.  It deflates and collapses in on itself, causing a kink in one of the bile ducts at which point as the gallbladder refills (because it is always filling and emptying) it can’t trickle out and into my intestines like it’s supposed to.  And since mine is also overproducing bile, that kink causes further pain because my gallbladder has to completely refill to get the kink out (think about a water hose filling with water and then bunching it up in your hands to cut off the water flow, was the example she used to me and my mom).

She said it also explains why at times it looks swollen and is very tender to the touch, it has become full, but it isn’t draining out yet, so it then overfills which then requires it to drain extra quick again later when I start eating.  Since I go days now without eating, because of the pain and nausea… it stays at slightly higher than max capacity for longer times.

We scheduled it two weeks from now because she wanted time to make sure she got the anesthesiologist she wanted and to make sure both she and the anesthesiologist were doing everything in their power to make sure the CRPS didn’t spread as a result of the surgery.  Which just blew my mind.  I feel really good about the appointment.  And so even though my pre-appointment wait was stressful and I was really worried she wouldn’t want to remove my gallbladder, I think she is the perfect surgeon to do it.

And there was a touch more good news.  I called my pain management clinic to give them a head’s up on the surgery, as instructed (I had already planned it anyway). and the Nurse Practitioner informed me that gallbladder disease can cause radiating pain as far down as the thigh.  She said it is not out of the realm of possibility that removing my gallbladder will lead to more good days with my hip pain because my gallbladder might be exacerbating the CRPS pain in my hip.

I am so happy about all this, I got home, collapsed in a chair and cried.

4 thoughts on “Sept. 17th – Removal of the Gallbladder

  1. So pleased there’s light at the end of the tunnel for you, it can be soul destroying when you know something is wrong and it falls on deaf ears . Onwards and upwards for you now 😊

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