A Terrible Thing Happened Monday Night

Monday night, well 2 terrible things happened, but neither fully registered until morning.  I love Aislinn Cain and Nadine Daniels, but I feel trapped by both series most of the time.  Which is why the last several have all been difficult to write.

Anyway, as I lay in bed Monday night, trying to sleep but not able to because a book was floating around in my head that was not Ace or Nadine, I had this thought “I could kill Ace in Ritual Dreams.”

When I woke up Tuesday morning, I was in a ton of pain, because I am a forgetful moron sometimes.  I got up, walked around, and realized that my pajama pants felt heavy on the right side.  Reach my hand into the pocket that I never put anything into and pulled out two Triple A batteries that I had shoved in my pocket because I have this horrible fear of Kelly eating a battery and we were trying to watch a TV show that I had already paused because it turns out, I’m living on plain popcorn and had interrupted the show to make some.

After sitting in my gamer’s chair for a while, thinking about the batteries and how ridiculous that had been, I revisited the thought from the wee hours of the morning… When was the last time my excitement over a D&R novel kept me awake?  Well, that’s easy Fortified Dreams.  And Nadine?  Dysfunctional Proposal.

I realize every series writer goes through a time period where their books no longer inspire them with joy.  Some work through it, some don’t.  I decided to work through it.

And this means some changes to how I write and publish every year and not murdering either Nadine or Aislinn.  So in 2019 I will publish only 1 D&R novel.  And only 1 Dysfunctional Chronicle.  I’m going to try to make it so that they release the same month every year.  For example April 1 2019 and 2020 for Dysfunctional Chronicles.

Because I have had ideas floating around for a long time that are not yet books simply because I struggle to get the next Aislinn or Nadine book written.  I have ideas for books about ghosts and books about zombies and books about a goddess in the 21st century trying to make it as a normal person.  And books about serial killers that don’t fit into D&R.  And books about other crime stuff that also doesn’t fit into D&R or Dysfunctional.  And surprisingly a few historical fiction pieces.  Alternative history pieces.  Some paranormal like Natural Born Exorcist and some more in the here and now with people that can’t shoot fireballs from their hands at the behinds of ghouls.

And I’m sort of tired of ignoring these ideas because they don’t fit into my schedule when they would probably flow like Natural Born Exorcist did.  This means that while I’m reducing the amount of D&R and Dysfunctional I would publish every year to just one each, I would still be producing stuff and publishing and you never know, my Cain readers and Nadine lovers may still fall in love with some of the other stuff I’m putting out during the year.

Monday, after finishing Natural Born Exorcist on Sunday, I sat down at 4 pm and put 2,500 words on a book that will probably end up being titled Goddess Investigations or something similar in just an hour.  I stopped when J got home at 5.  And before 4, I had put around 100 words on Ritual Dreams for the entire day. I thought it might be because I was waiting to get the print copy of Natural Born Exorcist from Staples, but obviously that wasn’t the case…

I am constantly starting and stopping and then restarting Cain novels.  They don’t just flow into my brain like they used to.  And I think limiting them to one a year will help.  Hell, part of the problem with The Dysfunctional Mob was that it was just so dark, as dark as an Aislinn Cain novel.. which was a problem.  I think I need to shake that up more often.  Some of things that I liked about Natural Born Exorcist was that I was free to have Soleil talk to the reader, directly, like make comments to them about what was going on and how she felt about it.  There were no expectations of her because there wasn’t a book before it to set the tone for this one.  I was free to write it and her however I wanted.  And it just came like a flash flood, washing over me and sweeping me away into the story that had no expectations and no character traits that were set in stone.

So, more Ace and Nadine in the future, but expect other stuff too.  Maybe lots of other stuff depending on how well the writing goes…

And more Soleil.  I don’t know if I will write the next Nephilim Narrative this year or wait until next year.  I’ll have to see how it goes with Ritual Dreams.  Which I am still hoping to put out in 2018, but have no release date for.

I did start pre-orders on Natural Born Exorcist ($3.99 US, CA, & AU).  I’ll have the links for it tomorrow or the next day.

6 thoughts on “A Terrible Thing Happened Monday Night

  1. Great,new stuff!!!
    I got the Natural on pre-order and can’t wait for the goddess storyline. Maybe Aislinn, can catch some terrible injury or disease that sidelines her and she comes out of semi-retirement only for the most perplexing cases.
    ..and alternative histories are interesting too. I read Turtledove’s Legion books and absolutely loved them. but then i’m a sci-fi fan, so that explains that.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Hi 🙂

    Firstly, I just wanna say I love your books 🙂
    I’ve only read the Aislinn series so far, I’m halfway through demonic dreams at the moment, I love her series….
    My question is – Is the Nadine series a crossover one? Cause I haven’t read the dysfunctional series yet, but I think Nadine’s name has popped up in the Aislinn series hasn’t it???

    Either way, it won’t upset me if they’re released less often, I’ll still read them, and probably the other series too, and I might get chance to catch up on all my other reading lol

    Liked by 1 person

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