Detail Oriented

One would think I would be detail oriented seeing as how I write books.  Unfortunately, when it comes to the mundane, I’m not and it has bitten me on the butt once more.

So I was planning on releasing Natural Born Exorcist in early October… but we are now aiming at September 30th because I didn’t click “save as draft” when I was setting it up for pre-orders and the Default date was…you guessed it September 30th.

Tuesday was a long day anyway.  I woke up to find I had slept on batteries.  I didn’t know how much to charge for Natural Born Exorcist and for some reason Google Spell Check is convinced I am spelling Exorcist wrong every freaking time I spell it…… What?  Oh yes, Amazon’s beta thing for suggested prices said $5.99 the first time and when I reloaded it, it said $0.99 and I wasn’t fond of either of those prices.  $5.99 seems high to me and I think it is worth more than the paltry $0.35 I would make per Amazon sale at $0.99.

In the end I settled for $3.99 and thought good, save and come back to the date in a little while.  And I thought no more about it.

Then someone said they had just pre-ordered it and I thought they were joking for about an hour.  But after an hour I decided I should check it out and behold there it was on Amazon available for pre-order with a release date of September 30th.  So here are the buy links.  Google Play users, I have not decided to set up a pre-order on this yet or not.  Google’s discount messed with my sales on a D&R pre-order I did that got me a stern letter from Amazon because of Google’s policies on how much can be previewed as well as their automatic discounting of everything I sell there.





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