Threatened Over A Book I’m Not Publishing… Research, Research, Research…

I have definite what the fuck days, but they are usually in some way my fault.

Tuesday I had one that definitely wasn’t  Let me start by saying I check the Library of Congress for title copyrights before I name any book, because life is about research.  And as a writer, I feel it is important.

In 2017, when I started writing The Dysfunctional Mob to add to The Dysfunctional Chronicles, I did my research and the title was not copyrighted.  Fine.  Then I decided not to publish the book.

Then this showed up in my HJ box on August 28, 2018.


First, Louie should have let his lawyer write the message.  Second, did I really get threatened by a former mobster for writing a book?  Third, if it’s copyrighted, why didn’t it show up.  Fourth, so he found out about my book, but didn’t even bother to check to see if I was going to release it and infringe on his copyright?  He just jumps right into threatening me.

My plot involved the Russian mob and a serial killer in Moscow and well, Nadine, so I doubt our plots are even remotely similar.  Judging from the whole Louie Knuckles (later Marino) name on it, I’m guessing he isn’t Russian and he isn’t Chechen, both of which were integral to my plot line.

He sent me a note later telling me someone told him I’d written based on his movie, which I have never heard of and which I’m positive isn’t at all related to Nadine Daniels and the rest of The Dysfunctional Chronicles…

Good grief.  I might have taken him 5 minutes of research to figure out my book and his movie were not at all related and then he could have just sent me a note “Hey, I see you have a book with this name that might publish, I copyrighted it for a movie, so could you change yours?  Um, no problem and it wasn’t going to publish anyway.  Thanks.  Have a great day.

And god forbid, I ever talk about the book again.  Note BOOK, not script to whoever sent my stuff to him saying I was trying to steal his script.

2 thoughts on “Threatened Over A Book I’m Not Publishing… Research, Research, Research…

  1. Oh, please, please let me respond to him! I’d love to address his command of the English language and the “fact” that he’s getting his information from his friend rather than the Library of Congress. I just googled his “film”. Hate I’ll have to miss it, but with 21 actors, yes he’s one of the 21) and him taking on the roles of director and producer, I just don’t see it in wide circulation. What a DOUCHE NOOZLE!

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