Natural Born Exorcist

I got Natural Born Exorcist sent to staples Copy & Print this morning (because I was sick last night and went to bed at 7:30… my body decided I was done sleeping at 4:30 this morning).  So I didn’t get it sent last night.

I use Staples when I need to have a print copy to make changes to.  Let me issue a few warnings: 1 – there’s kissing in Natural Born Exorcist, not a lot, but more than a normal Hadena James book.  2 – And my main character Soleil is a nephilim (half angel, half human) who swears quite a lot.

This is the cover I went with (despite buying a pre-made cover (because this one was freaking perfect!!), Angela with Covered Creatively gave me options.  So there was more than one draft cover.  And I originally picked the other one and then was told I was wrong, go mom.  So this is the cover I picked.  Angela will need to finalize it (send me an assortment of sizes and whatnot), but… Here’s the cover.  (If you are a writer in need of amazing covers I highly recommend Covered Creatively!  I buy her custom covers and sometimes her pre-made covers because sometimes those are absolutely perfect).

Natural Born Exorcist SAMPLE 2.jpg

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