Gallbladder Removed…

J continues to recover from gallbladder surgery and he’s doing pretty well.  Sore, but that is to be expected.  However, he has been going to bed early, which means I have had extra time to write each day and I have been using it, even though I have also been going to bed fairly early for me.

So, I have a title for the new book Natural Born Exorcist.  And I have a book cover in progress! (yay!)  My editor is booked solid for a few weeks, so even if I finish it today (which is possible since I am averaging more than 7,0000 words a day on it, it will still be a little while before it gets published.

It is a paranormal mystery with just a hint of romance.  Seriously…not much.  There’s no long lingering kisses.  No tearing each other’s clothes off.  And it’s past the 50,000 word mark.  I wrote this on Friday, so by the time it runs, I may be closer to the 70,000 word mark at 7,000 words a day.

And some of my trademark gore and violence also managed to make it into it, as did more swearing.  I like Soleil, she just doesn’t care, but she doesn’t care in the “I’ve got my shit together” way not the “I have no emotions” way.

Hard to believe, but my roots are in paranormal mystery.  The first novel I ever wrote was a paranormal mystery.  And I’ve enjoyed writing in the genre again.  It’s been fun.

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