Gallbladder Tests

As many know in April all my gallbladder tests (ultrasound, HIDA scan, CT scan, and blood work) came back normal.

I am down 35 pounds and the heartburn associated with this crap would kill an elephant. I often have shoulder blade pain on the right side, most days the smell of food makes me nauseous.

So I haven’t eaten since the 17th of August because I can’t force food past my lips that I know I’m going to upchuck later… wait, I had a fourth of a cup of canned green beans around the 21st that didn’t stay in my system for very long.

They didn’t want to remove my gallbladder at any point before now because all of my tests came back normal. However, I have been listening to people say “oh yeah that happened to me and after 5 years they finally took it out and I felt so much better” that I have come to the conclusion the tests are a crap shoot.

They did indicate J’s needed to be immediately removed and they found a one and a half inch round stone in his as well as a ton of scar tissue and sludge which does appear to be the technical term.

His surgery went well.

I am scheduled for a surgery consult September 4th and I keep asking myself can I wait that long? How long can the human body go without food before I start doing damage to it?

The day of his surgery I got down a handful of chips, but even though it had been a couple of hours since I ate them they found an emergency exit after fixing J some lunch the smell of which triggered nausea.

So done with this ridiculous organ.

3 thoughts on “Gallbladder Tests

  1. The only thing I was able to keep down was Campbell’s chicken noodle soup – mostly because of the fact it’s mostly watered down chicken broth. When they removed my gallbladder I did feel better but have suffered with being tired and still have nausea issues. You have to be super careful about eating foods with fat. Good luck!

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