I know many of you are sad that I am not putting 8,000 words a day on Ritual Dreams.  I get it, you love Aislinn Cain.  I love her too, which is why I stopped working on Ritual for a short while and started something new…

I don’t just read one genre of book, I read many, about the only ones I don’t latch onto are romance novels and space operas, because yeah, space operas.  And part of the reason I work on multiple series is because I like variety.  If every day is writing D&R, it fatigues me.  Ditto on Dysfunctional Chronicles.

I still love both series, but sometimes I need variety when I write, just like I need it when I read.  What I’m working on is a true mystery, with clues and riddles and puzzles and possibly less gore or more since some of the characters are immortal…

And sadly, since publishing Fortified Dreams, every time I start on D&R it feels like work to put words on the page.  This book does not.  It reminds me that I love to write and that it’s fun.

I’m not done with Ace or Nadine, but I have to write this book.  As my readers, it is up to you if you want to read it or not.  Hopefully, you will, and you’ll enjoy it, but it is paranormal mystery at the moment, which is a shade different than what I have been writing with D&R and Dysfunctional.

I’ll come back to Ritual at a future date, I promise.  Until then, bear with me and prepare yourself for something completely different…

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