A Dysfunctional Update

In June I posted that The Dysfunctional Mob had been sent to the editor.  I got edits back the same month and then I didn’t release the book.  At first, it was because I didn’t have a cover…

However, not having a cover may have saved me from a tragic mistake.  The Dysfunctional Mob has a very dark plot and none of the usual fun stuff that readers have come to expect from Nadine and her crew.  So after much internal debate, I came to the decision that I wouldn’t publish it.

Instead, I’m going to start on the Dysfunctional Chronicle I expected to follow The Dysfunctional Mob and publish it instead.  Which means after I get through with Ritual Dreams, I will be moving into The Dysfunctional Expansion.


2 thoughts on “A Dysfunctional Update

  1. Hadena James I’m filing a lawsuit against you for stealing the name of my film project ” The Dysfunctional Mob my film is about to hit theaters you will be contacted by my attorneys

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