Ending on a Low Note

Because sitting in the dart hall is akin to torture, we had reserved our room for 3 nights, leaving today.  I expected to get up this morning, finish packing, check out, and have a quiet drive home.

This is not the way it happened.  So I’ll start with last night.  Last night several of my darting buddies joined us for a lovely birthday dinner at a restaurant called Domenico’s.  It is one of my favorite Italian places at Lake of the Ozarks/Jeff City.  J got lasagna.  We ate and went back to the hotel with some of these friends who had also reserved their room for the Sunday night since this tournament is notorious for not ending until 9 pm on Sunday.

Back at the hotel we went for a swim.  Swimming is strongly encouraged by my doctors and I do love to swim.  I didn’t swim.  I sat with my feet in the pool.  I just wasn’t in the mood to swim, but J and a couple of our friends were swimming and I’m okay with just hanging out pool side in shorts dangling my feet in the water.  Besides, on Saturday night when I went swimming, I kind of overdid it and had brutal muscle spasms or nerve twitches from about 2 am to 5 am, so I didn’t sleep very much or very well on Saturday night and I didn’t want a repeat of that while trying to sleep before packing and then sitting in the car for an hour and a half ride back home.

Around 3 am, I crawled into bed.  It was a long busy weekend chocked full of long corridors that had to be walked over and over again, and a hotel mattress, so I was sore form all that, which makes it hard to sleep.

At 7:20am, J wakes me up.  He’s been up since 4am, sick.  Occasionally, he gets sick after eating food.  I suspect he has an ulcer, but it took me 6 years or so to get him to have his shoulder looked at.  He wants to go to Walgreen’s and get something for his stomach.  I tell him we should just pack and head home, I’m awake, he isn’t feeling good, weekend over.

We head to Walgreen’s.  The pharmacist recommends some Pepto, which we buy and then we are on the road.  We are about 20 miles north of Lake of the Ozarks when he pulls onto an exit and tells me, I’m going to have to drive the rest of the way home.

Fantastic… It was highway driving, so I was able to save my hip some by setting the cruise control.  And after more than a year of this crap, he finally agrees to go to the doctor because the Pepto has done nothing for his stomach pain.  Not the ER like I think he should, but urgent care, which I’ll take because it’s better than nothing…

We get back into town at 9:30am and I take him straight to urgent care, where they suspect gallbladder issues or an ulcer or pancreatitis.  They give him prescription Prilosec and send us home after drawing blood and setting him up for an ultrasound.

Once we get home, I take my first pain pill of the day and wait… then wait.. then wait some more.  It’s now 3:30pm.  He’s sleeping.  I’m in agony.  Even without driving, riding in a car causes me pain.  Driving just makes it worse.  Yes it was mostly easy driving, but even with cruise control I still occasionally have to work the brake and gas pedals which is part of the reason driving is worse than just riding in a car.

My hip is suffering painful spasms.  My entire thigh and hip feels like it’s on fire.  And I am getting a headache from lack of sleep.



2 thoughts on “Ending on a Low Note

  1. Ugh…sounds like it’s time for J. to pay some serious attention to his gut…I had to have my gallbladder removed in 2013 and I swear that I haven’t felt the same since my gallbladder started acting up. Hope he gets better soon and that your pain goes away!

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