Done with July

July has been a strange and disastrous month.  It started with payday which was June 29th.  Amazon pays on the 29th of every month, so I always consider it the check for the next month because I try to pay as many bills as possible out of it.

My debit card strip was demagnetized and then when I put in the request for a new one my old one was automatically deactivated, so when one of my regular monthly debits, tried to go through on my old card, it triggered a security warning…  and locked my account.

Great.  Now I have to wait for my new debit card to arrive in the mail.  I get a letter the other day from my bank and I’m thinking it’s either my new pin number or my card… Nope it is a letter telling me that a new debit card and pin request had been put in on my account and if this wasn’t done by me, I should contact the bank.  Thanks for the head’s up?

Last week, I received a phone call and my phone decided to panic.  The call lasted maybe 45 seconds.  It was Rachel calling to let me know that my business line of credit had been approved for $500,000.  No one on this planet is going to let me have a line of credit for this amount.  I get about 3 of these calls a week.  It’s a scam of course.  The scammers spoof local numbers.  In this case, it was a (573) 777 number.  My pain management clinic is a (573) 777 number which is why I answered it.  After I hung up on Rachel, my phone overheated.  It became warm to the touch.  The screen wouldn’t turn on.  The phone wouldn’t turn off.  And even though the call had been disconnected when my husband called it to try to get the screen to come back up, he got my voicemail without hearing a single ring.

I plug it in and the screen magically comes back on and my phone slowly cools.  I was inside my house when the overheating happened where it was a cool 70 degrees and I was wearing a jacket because I get cold.  I also get hot randomly, there is just not a happy medium in my life – I’m either freezing to death or cooking.  I keep expecting to spontaneously combust.  I text my nephew, he works for Verizon and ask him about it.  He tells me I have to get a new phone.  Ugh.  The damage is related to my phone falling in a toilet 2 years ago so it isn’t covered under the phone’s warranty.  He orders it for me.

Three days ago, I stopped being able to accept phone calls for a period of about a day.  My nephew had called about the phone specs on the order.  My phone seems to get stuck, no matter how many times I hit the disconnect button, it still shows me actively talking to him.  Charging it made it go away, but it was stuck for 6 hours.

I call my doctor.  My gallbladder symptoms suddenly went away.  My father and sister experienced gallbladder death.  You can leave a gallbladder in place if it dies, but it has to be regularly checked.  I called the gastroenterologist first.  He didn’t want to scan it.  He hasn’t wanted to do anything with it.  Not even look at it.  My primary is the one that ordered the tests that were done.  My cousin also experienced gallbladder death, after her gallbladder ruptured.  It caused some problems.  But the problems were caused by the rupture not the gallbladder dying.  With my sudden departure of symptoms I enjoyed a Philly cheesesteak sandwich, a salad, and a steak.  Beef and bread were serious problems when I was having symptoms.  I was basically living on bacon.  I still dropped a clothing size on the bacon diet (I do not recommend it, I’m sure my cholesterol jumped significantly in the last couple of months).

PS: Cutting out bread did not reduce my pain.  I didn’t completely cut it out, but I made a serious dent in my intake of it and it didn’t even reduce my pain a little.

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