Scribd Unlimited Reading & Listening

I have been using Scribd to listen to audiobooks.  It saves me money while feeding my desire to listen to books.

Just one problem really, I listen to a lot of series(es?!, series just doesn’t look right for the plural to me).  I have been listening to the Pendergast series by Lincoln Child and Douglas Preston.  The Women’s Murder Club by Patterson.  Lincoln Rhymes by Jeffrey Deaver.  John Sanford’s Prey series.

And the occasional Dean Koontz, Stephen King, or Clive Barker novel.  Most of these series were books that I read the first couple but didn’t read beyond 2 or 3 for whatever reason.  Usually because I didn’t have the money when the books released and I forgot to go back to them.  Or they’ve come out in the last year or two and I just haven’t bought them.

Here’s the problem, for every 15 audiobooks I put on my saved list, there might only be one available.  I have to wait until 8/7/18 for A Still Life With Crows (book 4 of the Pendergast Series), and anything else I want to listen to by Douglas Preston and Lincoln Child.  Along with The 5th Horseman in the Women’s Murder Club (7 – 12 is available now though).  Pretty much everything by Koontz, Barker, and King at the moment is “available soon”.

I get that since you pay one flat fee for unlimited audiobooks in a month, they have to ration the more expensive audiobooks, but I feel like the “unlimited” is misleading.  I have over 100 audiobooks on my “Saved” list that won’t be available until 8/7/18.  I have four currently available… because that’s the other kicker.  Last month I had 30 on my saved for later list and 22 of them became available until I started listening to them.  I was notified when they became available, but after I finished The Cabinet of Curiosities I went to grab 77 Shadow Street by Dean Koontz because it had been released and it now says available soon (8/7/18)… This means after you listen to a certain amount of audiobook best sellers, others that had been made available to you stop being available again.

This happened with A Still Life of Crows, The 5th Horseman, and 77 Shadow Street… I did get to finish Next by Michael Crighton, Relic, Reliquary, The Cabinet of Curiosities all by Preston and Child, 4th of July by Patterson and Paetro, and The Taking by Dean Koontz as well as 2 Stephanie Plum novels, I figure I got my $9.99 out of July but I’m scratching my head about what to read now.  I’ve started a dozen other audiobooks that they recommended to me, but most of them have turned out to have serious romance subplots that have left me bored with the suggestions.

Don’t get me wrong, it’s a good service and value, I would be spending hundreds on audiobooks if it weren’t for Scribd, I just wish that… well if I was less picky as a reader it’d be a lot better.

But I am loving the ability to listen to audio books on my phone whenever I want.  The weather has been nice the last couple of days.  I have packed up my laptop and the dogs and we’ve spent the day outdoors.  I can work for a couple of hours and then I can sit and listen to audiobooks while enjoying the weather and keeping the dogs from climbing all over my husband.  He is recovering well.

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