Social Media Vacation

I’m working on getting back from a social media vacation.  It was kind of nice.  I got some stuff accomplished.  Granted I missed some stuff, but it was still kind of nice.

As I slowly make a return to social media, first posting about my husband’s surgery going well on my personal FB page and tagging his, I am also considering removing some people from my personal page, which is the reason I enjoyed not being on Facebook, but kept on Twitter and my blog.

Starting in March I slowly began unfollowing people on Facebook.  People that posted prolifically about things I didn’t care about.  Trying to clean the clutter that had taken over my personal page.  My goal was to keep my news feed more upbeat and happy.  People who posted pictures or videos of animals, funny sayings, and fun stuff, I kept.  I wanted people that would make me smile.

Then I posted the wrong emoji response on someone’s post and got chewed out for it.  I explained the incident, but the other person was unreasonable about it.  It was a finger slip.  I get that the other person was having a bad day, but they basically attacked me in response telling me maybe my finger wouldn’t slip if I wasn’t a drug addict.

Well alrighty then.  They saved me the trouble of unfriending them by unfriending me.  Problem solved.  Except it opened my eyes to the problems of social media.  People treat it like it’s the end all/be all.  If you aren’t tweeting, posting to FB, sharing photos on instagram all the time, everyone thinks you died.  Worse, we are not a polite society and social media highlights this.

I’ve talked about anonymity on the internet bringing out the worst in people.  I try to live by the rule if I wouldn’t say it to their face, I shouldn’t say it on the internet.

Social media is supposed to be fun, it is not supposed to inspire dread… So when I started dreading logging on to FB even to check the HJ page because even doing that shows me as active on FB, I stopped checking it.  It will be a slow return to the platform.

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