That Age

Sometimes the universe decides to remind me that I have reached the age of practicality.  It does this in sneaky ways as opposed to slapping me in the face with it…  Things I never thought would happen.

For instance, in May I bought clothes hampers with lids.  It may not sound like a big deal but I was terribly excited when they arrived.  And it has cut down some on the dirty sock smell that emanates from the hamper from time to time.

Several of my towels have gone missing.  Possibly sacrificed to the Dryer Monster because I don’t have a lot of towels that aren’t as old as my youngest nephew.  Towels are just something I don’t think to buy.  Towel sets were on my wedding registry, more as a filler than anything, but I got two sets and I love those towels.

This month, when I realized we actually did need towels, I broke down and bought 3 sets.  I’m not exactly a cheapskate, but there are limits on what I will spend on towels, even if it’s a matching set that includes washrags and hand towels.  I found the brand that we had received from our wedding registry and forked over the money for 3 sets.  It was less than $100 so it was okay… a few days later, 6 new towels, 6 new hand towels and 12 new wash rags showed up on my doorstep because I love online shopping… I was excited about their arrival.

I used to get excited about new books, new movies, concert tickets, those sorts of things and now I get excited when I get new hampers and new towels.  Like I said, it isn’t a huge slap in the face, but it is a reminder that I have either reached that age or am getting very close to it.  I mentioned this to a friend this month and she giggled and told me I used to make fun of her for that sort of stuff.  She’s right I did… but she had children young and I think children speeds along “that age”.

Even comparing today to five years ago, I see the difference.  I am more aware of my public appearance, which is why I’m annoyed that I am losing weight, because I’m no longer okay with wearing clothing out in public that looks like I borrowed it from my husband’s closet.  I still wear my ripped jeans, but now I usually put a pair of leggings under them, which takes them from grunge to grunge chic.   and instead of sporting a NIN T-shirt with them, I usually wear a blouse.  I rarely wear T-Shirts anymore which is good because I only have maybe 5 of them.

The change was gradual and I don’t know when it started, but here I am, excited about towels and clothes hampers…

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