Face Explosion

This allergy season is brutally torturing almost everyone I know… Including me.  My face often feels like it is going to explode.  I keep a small sinus headache all the time.  Yet allergy season continues because that’s the way the universe works.

I have never had symptoms like these.  Sometimes, it’s hard to breathe.  Sometimes, I wonder if I’m about to have a stroke because the pressure in my sinuses actually feels like blood is incapable of escaping from my head.

I’m not the only one.  I’ve talked to several people who are having similar problems.  I keep thinking I should move, but I haven’t a clue where I’d move to… It would have to be somewhere without an outdoors – which basically means Hell.  It’s the only place I could live without outdoor stuff, I think…

I don’t know why it has been worse this year than ever before.  But it is.  Pollen is always high.  Worse, even though most of my state is in a drought, mold is always high too.  And then it rained… A lot.  Making it worse.  I love summer but I am done with allergy season.  Although, even if we moved into winter right this second, I would still be having allergy problems because some of my worst allergies are evergreens and conifers.  Those lovely trees that drop sap all the time, but I recently learned that sap from those trees usually contain pollen which is why my allergies only sort of improve during the winter.

It has me thinking that if this continues into winter, we might all have to move somewhere without outdoor stuff.  Because as brutal as summer allergies are right now, they could be almost as bad during winter.  Yep, totally done.


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