Tuesday and Counting

My husband has shoulder surgery Tuesday.  He has some gnarly arthritis in his dominate shoulder that has caused calcium to build up on the end of his collar bone.  And he is like the rest of his, his tendons have slowly been popping away from bone for a long time.

They are going in to shave off the built up calcium, scrape the arthritis – maybe – and reattach tendons – maybe – and repair the rotator cuff tendon – possibly.  Everything but the scraping is one of those “we’ll have to see what needs to be repaired once we get in there” things.

I’ve had a similar surgery.  I had to have about a dozen tendons reconnected, my ligaments and nerves sewn back together after an incident with ice, my gracefulness, and an SUV door.  This means I have some idea of what to expect for the next handful of months and weeks of recovery.

I’m not sure which of us will go stir crazy first, him being off work, or me with him being off work.  I love him, but when he’s off, he expects me to be off too and sometimes I get annoyed by that.  The first couple of days he’ll do a lot of sleeping which means writing time for me.  After that we’ll see how it goes.

I have been busy setting out a plan of attack so to speak.  I’m moving my giant heated blanket into the spare room where I will be sleeping with the dogs for a while, because Kelly is not as in tune as Lola about pain.  He can move to a recliner to sleep if need be, but I managed to sleep fine on a mountain of pillows and he has the added advantage of having a memory foam wedge pillow that I bought for me and can’t use, that he can use to help him adjust his sleeping position as need be.

I do have some concerns about Kelly being a little too aggressive about wanting love, but I adjusted to my immobilizer quickly and I think my husband will as well.  I didn’t have Kelly to contend with, but I still think he’ll adjust fine to the immobilizer, different sleeping positions, and I’m hoping in a handful of months, he’ll have full use of his arm again.  He’d been struggling with it for a few years, so I’m glad it’s finally done…

Then it will be time to figure out his stomach issues.  I believe he has an ulcer.  He gets sick once in a while after meals and he complains of mild pain in a more torso-centered location along the same latitude as my gallbladder.  After numerous searches for anatomical drawings (I hate biology, just FYI) of the digestive system, I’m pretty sure the place he complains he has pain is pretty close to where his stomach should be located.

It’s taken me 10 years, but I think I have finally convinced him to get a primary care physician.  He’s nearly 40 and it’s time to start monitoring some things. I cracked a joke that if he didn’t get his calling in sick with a stomach bug under control people were going to start thinking I was poisoning him… because he went from never calling in to calling in once every couple of months because he was up all night with indigestion and vomiting and once it stops he still has a mild ache in an area below his diaphragm.  He says it feels like a bruise.

I thought at first he might be having gallbladder issues, but after the most recent bout a few weeks ago, I’ve changed my mind to ulcer.  Actually, it was my mother in law talking about his father’s ulcer that made me realize ulcers and gallbladder issues have a lot of the same symptoms. Wish us luck the next couple of weeks/months.  I’ve been hard at work on Ritual Dreams and it may actually come out this fall.



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