Common Courtesy

What happened to common courtesy?  I was at my OB/GYN on 29 June.  Two things happened that annoyed the crap out of me.

The first was a woman on her phone, talking loudly, while her children ran around like barbarians.  There were five of the little monsters.  It is an OB/GYN’s office, and kid’s aren’t uncommon there… but 5 of them?  Her phone call was about the ultrasound she’d just had… It showed twins.  She was pondering how it happened.  I had suggestions on how it worked, but I managed to keep my mouth shut.  A feat considering I can’t stand when people talk on phones loudly in public or children who are not supervised.

The second was a woman who checked in at the front desk a few moments after me.  It was 11:10 am.  I was sitting in a chair facing the reception desk and she strolled in like she didn’t have a care in the world.  Before she began check in, I was thinking I might want whatever she was on.

She gave her name and the woman at the desk blinked at her several times before saying “You’re appointment was at 9.”  The woman responded, “I overslept.”  I wanted to go “What the Hell?  If you oversleep by 2 hours, you call and reschedule your appointment.” They worked her in because like me she was there for a Depo Provera shot.  It takes maybe three minutes after all the paperwork is done.

Then she tells the receptionist she doesn’t have her Depo Shot.  I am guilty of this crime on one occasion and they told me if I could run home and be back within 15 minutes to do that instead of rescheduling the appointment.  At the time, I could be back in less than 10 minutes, so I flew out the door and went home, grabbed the vial and, and was back in 9 minutes.  This woman couldn’t get there and back in 15 minutes and she was already 2 hours late.  They did not reschedule her.  They said she had to bring it in next week and they’d use one of their emergency vials of Depo Provera to give her the shot that day.

She kept acting like it was no big deal that she was 2 hours late.  I don’t like to be 2 minutes late.  I wouldn’t have shown my face in the office at 2 hours late, especially if I hadn’t called them first.  I could see it if she’d been in the ER or Urgent Care for something… But she admitted that wasn’t the case.  My doctor is pretty flexible about appointment times when it comes to simple things like Depo Provera shots, but still.  I was raised where if you are going to be late, even by a few minutes, you let the others involved know, because that’s the courtesy thing to do.

Sometimes I think the biggest blight on society is a lack of common courtesy.  It isn’t something that gets taught, anywhere.  And with the increase in technology, it’s gotten worse.  I have this thing about having cell phones at a dinner table, especially at a restaurant.  You are out to dinner, talk to the people you are with, not someone on the internet or your mom.  If you wanted to talk to your mom, you should have brought her to the restaurant.  I make exceptions for emergencies because I’m not a monster, but that’s about it.

Of course, I have a ton of societal pet peeves, cell phone conversations in public are just one of them.  As is being late.  Since she was late, the appointment that usually takes me 10 minutes including sitting in the waiting room, took me 30.  During which time I was in a waiting room filled with pregnant women and their babies and sometimes their male partners and the woman on the phone regarding her twins.  I consider pregnancy contagious, so I hate sitting in this waiting room for very long, I’m afraid I might catch it.  I am aware everyone thinks I’m crazy for thinking pregnancy is contagious, but as someone who didn’t have children, it’s hard to miss that several women in my friend group would get pregnant within a few months of each other or they would get pregnant and then tell me their cousin was pregnant or someone else in their family would become pregnant.  That is one communicable disease, I absolutely do not want.  I don’t remember all the criteria for a communicable disease, but I am fairly sure pregnancy checks several of those boxes.

2 thoughts on “Common Courtesy

  1. yeah, i’ve worried about that contagious factor too. although, doctors vehemently deny it, i would like to point out that the phenomenon of dorm menstruation exists and is a proven fact. so why wouldn’t pregnancy be contagious in that manner as well. you hang around some pregnant women for a while and there you go, your brain adjusts your hormone levels and you catch that pregnancy brain, pregnant women and mothers complain about and you are done in. avoid environments where pregnant women congregate and keep vigilant.

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    1. Exactly! It is totally a contagious condition. My cousin and her sister-in-law were always pregnant at the same time. The result being that they have 2 kids each and the two oldest are only a few months apart and the 2 youngest are only a few months apart. It made me evaluate my cousins on one side of the family. I’m the youngest. The next oldest is 2 years older than me, but the majority of the others are a few months apart (7 siblings having kids) and most are 10 or more years older than me.


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