Decoded History & Fiction

My husband and I have watched episodes of the TV Show Decoding History.  He isn’t the geek for history that I am, but he has an interest as long as aliens don’t get mentioned.  Brad Meltzer is a good host for Decoded History.  And as a historian, I have respect for him just based on his tenure of working for the National Archives.

I had tried to read his book The Millionaires and just couldn’t get into it.  After listening to a non-fiction history book on the lost books of the Bible, Scribd recommended I listen to The Book of Lies by Brad Meltzer.  I didn’t immediately jump on it.  As I said, I respect Meltzer’s wealth of knowledge from working in the National Archives and he obviously has a passion for history like myself, but after trying to read The Millionaires, I decided maybe his love for history just didn’t translate into fiction very well.

But Scribd keeps telling me the majority of the books I want to listen to, aren’t available until 7/7/18.  Book of Lies was available.  I started it Monday.  And was riveted within the first chapter.  The narrator did a good job, which helped.  The ending was a bit of a let down, I didn’t feel everything tied together very well.  I had figured out the “who is the Prophet” part fairly early in the book, but the action and suspense kept me listening.

Overall, I enjoyed it immensely.  It did get me thinking though, could I write a conspiracy novel based on history?  I’m not sure.  I’d be willing to give it a try though… when I get some other stuff written and ready for publication, like The Dysfunctional Mob and Ritual Dreams.

And I might have to do some serious research.  My history degree primarily covers European History during WWI and WWII.  I can talk at length about Stalin and Stalin’s rise to power, and Stalin’s actions during WWII and how WWI helped the Bolsheviks gain power in the 19-teens.  I can also explain the social psychology of Hitler’s rise to power, the reason Germans did not oppose Nazism when it first started and I can tell you why there aren’t more stories of Germans disagreeing with Nazism.  I can also tell you that Hitler and his crew were some weird dudes and I’m not just talking about trying to establish an underground base in Antarctica (which they really did consider) or their dabblings in the occult with the Vril Society…  The upper echelon of the Nazi regime is like all the kids you wouldn’t play with on the playground got together and became really powerful people that started their own club when they grew up.  Because that is my area of specialty.

Granted I took classes in medieval Europe (including one on Medieval Russia, which I had never heard of until I went to college).  I also took some civilization classes and some contemporary religion classes, but some doesn’t mean I can spout facts about the time periods off my head on command, like I can Europe during WWI and WWII.

However, history is full of things that would make a good conspiracy.

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