The Book After Ritual Dreams

I am working away on Ritual Dreams as my body allows.  It comes in fits and starts depending on my pain level.  Anyway, the other day, I had a flash of something and suddenly the Dreams novel to come after Ritual Dreams took shape.

This happens regularly.  I’ll be writing one book when suddenly the idea for the next book comes to me.  It happened during The Dysfunctional Mob too.  As I was writing on it, I suddenly knew what the next Dysfunctional Chronicle needed to be.  Just like when I was writing Flawless Dreams, and Raphael showed up, I knew what was going to follow Flawless and then while working on Demonic Dreams, I suddenly knew that Ritual Dreams would be next.

I’m not as far into Ritual Dreams as I would like to be, but part of that is failure to keep my pain in check.  I know everyone gets tired of listening to me whine about it, but I’m not going to do that this time.  And what I’m going to say actually touches on the point of the blog post.

There is almost nothing that can be done for my pain.  It is part of the reason more than 90% of people with Complex Regional Pain Syndrome commit suicide, thereby earning the disease the nickname the Suicide Disease.  In some ways, I am lucky, there are things that can be done for me… Granted controversial things at the moment, but I keep my fingers crossed that it will change since I am not helped by steroid injections into the hip or spine and I was fitted with a test unit for an electronic simulator and found it made it worse.  Meaning the spinal cord simulator isn’t an option for me.  Opiates do help, they don’t help everyone with CRPS and treatment pretty much has to be individually tailored.

For a while, I have been using 5mg hydrocodone, thinking it helps with my hip.  And it does, unless I want to work.  The reason I was able to get Demonic Dreams finished while seeing Dr. Wonderful was that he was prescribing 3 hydrocodone a day, and when I wrote, I would take 10mgs or 2 pills.

I was prescribed 2 a day by the new doctor because Missouri is going after doctors who write too many opiate prescriptions (because patients aren’t responsible for their actions anymore).    I will be out before my refill date, because on days I wanted to write, I didn’t have a pill to take for my gallbladder or hip later in the day.  I see the new doctor again on 3 July and am going to talk to him about moving me off 5s and up to 10s, that way I can take 10mgs to work and not worry about how badly it screws up the rest of my day.

The good news is I am still making progress.  On Ritual Dreams as well as on The Dysfunctional Mob.  And while I won’t have Ritual done by July 1, I hope to have it written by 1 August.  Which would lead to an early fall release.

2 thoughts on “The Book After Ritual Dreams

  1. I am prescribed 10 mg 3 times a day for my pain and I have the Dr order it as 5 mg pills. That way I don’t have to cut them when I only need 1/2 dose or an extra 1/2. Works well that way.

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