Dear Gallbladder

Dear Gallbladder,

You are fired.  I have been quite understanding and willing to meet you half way with this nonsense, but this relationship is more than a little unhealthy.  I feel that your attempts to control me and my life to be dastardly and underhanded.

Your stubborn refusal to play by the rules is infuriating.  You are supposed to hurt while I eat and/or after I eat, not when I get hungry or watch recipe videos on Tasty.  The doctor says he doesn’t know what to do with that symptom because that’s not the way it works.

Furthermore, you have blatantly waged a battle that includes psychological warfare, which proves you a coward.  The sleepless nights because it appears my night time medications trigger indigestion so intensely it makes my right bicep ache is proof that there is nothing you won’t try.

Finally, I do not understand why you insist on feeling bruised all the time, like I have somehow wounded you, it reeks of desperation.  Perhaps even more so since I have told a doctor and they said that they have never heard of that happening either.

I am unsure what you hope to accomplish with these strange symptoms.  You are stuck with me.


I am on my third night of not sleeping  because of indigestion that is so severe, even my hand aches as I type.  Both my father and sister experienced gallbladder death.  At this moment, it is the best I can hope for since all my tests keep coming back normal and the doctor keeps telling me that the symptoms I am having, he has never heard of… However, if you Google it, I am not the only one to experience these symptoms.  I found a blog post from a woman who experienced similar symptoms and after more than two years of them, they finally removed her gallbladder and her life got much better.

For the record, I do not seem to experience the same intensity in my heart burn during the day very often.  Also, I watched a recipe on Tasty the other day that made my gallbladder pain so intense I thought it was exploding.  It wasn’t.  Eating makes me feel nauseated, it doesn’t cause intense pain, not like being hungry does.  Stupid thing.  I have my fingers crossed that it will just die soon.

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