Next by Michael Crichton

I grabbed the novel Next by Michael Crichton.  I haven’t read everything he’s put out, but I have read several of his books and enjoyed them immensely.

Next has been a bit of a struggle.  I understand DNA beyond just basic concepts.  I also understand bioengineering to some degree.  I try to stay abreast of it because I feel like I should be informed about things that are eventually going to affect my life.  And these two things are going to shape the future more than most people want to admit.

Next is about bioengineering DNA, much like Jurassic Park was.  And while I am used to the many characters and threads in Crichton’s books, I am struggling to remember who connects to what thread of the story and how it all weaves together.  I was going to listen to this on audiobook but I can’t imagine it would be any easier to for me to cobble together…

I am working on Ritual Dreams here and there.  This month has been a struggle.


2 thoughts on “Next by Michael Crichton

  1. Bio-engineering is a very interesting topic. I have not heard of this book, so I might need to check it out. But be prepared, we will soon have bio-engineered meats available in grocery stores soon enough. So the more we know, the better!

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    1. Unlike most people, I think bioengineered meat could be a good thing. I am mildly allergic to beef, pork, and chicken. Bioengineered meat might mean being able to eat a steak without worrying if it is going to make me sick.

      Or like I went to school with a girl that had so many severe food allergies she had to bring her lunch every day and essentially she was drinking a nutrient bag as a meal every day. So bioengineered food might help people like her.

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