Not Chili Peppers

I mentioned not long ago I had chili peppers growing. I was very excited about the prospect. Let me mention I did not buy the plant. It was giving to me free and the organization I got it from said it was a chili plant.

Chili peppers are long thin peppers. Not much meat to them. So imagine my surprise when I actually looked at the peppers, now nearing maturity…

I suspect it is a poblano pepper plant, except the fruit isn’t the right color. Leaving me to continue scratching my head. It could be an Anaheim pepper or a banana pepper plant.

But it is definitely not chili peppers. Time will soon reveal the mystery pepper, but since I am not entirely sure what shade I am looking for to determine ripeness, it may end up requiring some trial and error.

2 thoughts on “Not Chili Peppers

  1. looks like a hatch chili to me. they are not as hot as poblanos. but they are great in pasta sauce or anything else you want to throw them in.

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