2,718 Drafts

About once a year, I go through WordPress and clean out the draft blog posts.  There are usually about a hundred or so, because sometimes I start them and then get distracted in one way or another, so I save them to be finished for later.

I decided on Sunday to check my drafts and see if there was anything salvageable.  I had nearly 3,000 of them.  Good lord!

Some are drafts that I ended up writing a different post about and haven’t deleted.  Some I started and lost interest in.  Some I started and became befuddled while writing and that happens more than I like to admit.

I kept 9 of the 2,718 drafts.  Then I stared at the drafts and wondered what I was trying to talk about when I started them and realized I couldn’t remember but one of them and I still am not sure where I was going with it.  It had to do with radiocarbon dating and Gobekli Tepe and archaeological site that makes historians scratch their heads, because best guess, it was built around 12,000 years ago and frankly, that shouldn’t be possible.

To put that into perspective, Gobekli Tepe was an ancient wonder when the Great Pyramid was built.  It predates Sumer, the first known civilization by about 8,000 years or so.

The biggest problem with Gobekli Tepe is that it shouldn’t exist.  Massive construction projects like the monolithic site at Gobekli Tepe require some form of civilization, because there has to be a system in place to feed those working on the monoliths and that requires agriculture.  Unfortunately for history, archaeology, and anthropology, Gobekli Tepe predates our understanding of when farming started.  In other words, it would have been built by a hunter gatherer society and that seems like an impossibility.

On top of that, my own personal opinion of Gobekli Tepe is that it might be older, because we dated it using radiocarbon dating of tools found at the site and well, I just don’t put much faith in radiocarbon dating anymore… and with two volcanic eruptions happening in the last month and a half, I read an article about volcanoes emitting radioactive materials into the air.. Which is another blog post, for another day, after I have done more research because I had never heard of volcanoes emitting radioactive materials.



2 thoughts on “2,718 Drafts

  1. That is an incredible figure! My drafts run into a low three digit figure and I often tell myself to clean out what I no longer need or where I have no longer any idea what the initial first sentences were about. But almost 3000 is incredible.

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