Hypocrisy is Alive and Well

For a few weeks, I’ve been avoiding social media.  I have a “friend” that I am done with.  I have already unfollowed her and am trying to decide if I unfriend her or if she will even notice.

She has been very vocal about her opinions on my opiate usage and tends to treat me like a junkie.  I know that people don’t understand CRPS and I have pretty much stopped trying to justify it to most people.  I am trying to stay active, but unlike fibromyalgia, arthritis, and lupus, staying active doesn’t help my pain levels.

Anyway, my state decided to pass a law limiting opiate prescriptions to just 60 tablets a month, regardless of the reason for the prescription.  My “friend” was all for this law.  It’s already being challenged in court and most people are sure it is going to go away in just a few months.

My friend is a diabetic.  She fell in May and broke her leg.  She isn’t healing very fast because she’s in her 50’s and diabetic.  Her doctor wanted to give her morphine patches. She refused them because she can’t drink on morphine patches, so she got oxycodone pills instead.  Which she still shouldn’t drink while taking, especially as a diabetic.

Her chief complaint is that she can’t control her pain on just two tablets of oxycodone a day.  While I understand that, I also think that if she was really in that much pain, she would have taken the morphine patches.  Every day was becoming a battle with her.  I would wake up to a private message telling me how much she hurt and how she couldn’t believe how little I cared…

And she’s right, I don’t care.  No one likes being in pain, I know that.  But I also know that if you really are in pain, you don’t turn down relief simply because it requires you to make a lifestyle change for a short time.  I wasn’t thrilled to give up my anxiety medication, but I did it because that was the choice I was given, treat my pain or treat my anxiety.  Treating my pain won out and I quit taking my clonazepam cold turkey in February and haven’t even considered taking it since then, even when I have been out of pain medication.

Also, I don’t know why I’m expected to be sympathetic to her pain when she hasn’t been to mine?  Especially, since the reason she fell off her deck was because she had too much to drink.

6 thoughts on “Hypocrisy is Alive and Well

  1. I agree with your assessment. If you are truly in pain you will forgo just about anything to get relief. When you get to the point you cannot sleep or even think straight. I cannot imagine not giving up alcohol unless they were an alcoholic.

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    1. She points out she isn’t an alcoholic because she only has a few beers during the week and only drinks more than that on weekends. When I started Lyrica they told me not to consume alcohol because there have been instances where consuming alcohol while on Lyrica has lead to severe and serious consequences. I was never a big drinker anyway, maybe 15 drinks a year.

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  2. I’m also in my 50’s and diabetic. And in constant pain. I can’t use morphine (allergy) and opiates give me a headache. I have fibromyalgia and am allergic to Lyrica. If a doctor said there was something I could take that would ease my pain, I would do whatever was necessary to take it. The only thing I wouldn’t give up is chocolate. Everything else is negotiable. Your “friend” is an idiot, IMO. And you don’t have the time or energy to invest in idiots.

    I think laws governing the prescription of legal medicine by qualified medical professionals for diagnosed chronic conditions are stupid. Yes, there is an opiate problem. However, there are also a lot of people with legitimate medical issues in pain, who need the opiates the way a diabetic needs insulin.

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  3. As a Opiate user for my chronic pain levels I have had to buy a pill splitter and play russian roulette how much pain can I stand..decide do I need a whole, half or quarter to get thru thet next few hrs.. Then a beauiful fall had a camra caught it.. on stepts had my chin hitting and bashing teeth together.. Not a single tooth made it without breaking or cracking.. almost 10,000 $ later and oral surgery for 4 hours now I am fully defanged. And yep still having to deal with the dosages the pain managemnt clinic set months ago.. I litterally would have been happier blowing my brains out..
    Top it all the dental surgeon didn’t allow me to tell him about spinal issues reason for taking them to begin with.. has sprung my jaw so it catches and then releases with a thundering crack that people can hear 5 ft away… and hurts so bad you just want too stop eating or talking..my neck has been so sore that my doctors return call so sympathetic was , well wear a neck brace.. having no disc between c3/4 a collapsed disc between c4/5 and a herniated disc between c5/6 got a response I should have told them.. What the 4 extra pages I brought with me explaining my medical history not enough? Having a Idiot start an I V and tell me night night while trying to tell them only to have him push the plunger on the sedation has me thinking of calling the lawyer in on it… and definately going elsewhere for the dentures they made me pay up front for…There are a million Dr’s hamstrung from giving good pain management and 20 million that just don’t care..
    The ugly truth is Pharma that says this drug lasts 12 hours knowing full well you’re doing great if you get 8 hrs relief..8hrs per label and 6 actual.. That’s simply a fact.. look it up.. why do they say 400 mg NSAIDS and yet cheerfully bump you to 800 if you say that doesn’t help.. and risking a GI Bleed you can actually take 1200 mg..Why they can give 80 mg morphine every 4/6 hrs inpatient one minute but you have to make it 15mg , for 12 hrs at home.??? They know they do it for profit and then turn a blind eye to laws that limit dosages because hey they still make bank.. it’s just buisness nothing personal.. when you are in that level of pain…It’s always personal.
    I could say ‘I feel your pain..’ but I don’t because everyone experiences pain differently. As for drinking and not being an alcholic ? Pure Bull S**t the standard is if you just have to have a drink as soon as you get home daily. just one.. and start getting antsy if you can’t have that drink..You are an alcholic.. you don’t need a case of beer you just need one… you need to start being a friend of Bill and start your 12 step program.. sorry for any auto corrects the kindle makes …sober writing this, and think caught them but we’ll see..

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  4. Sounds like she needs to evaluate her need to self medicate her issues with alcohol. You have a problem if you can’t choose to do without something for your greater good.

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