Dr. God and the Epidural

I’ll have to find a different nickname for my new pain management doctor.  The other patient was right, I am going to get along just fine with Dr. God.  I did not find him to be an arrogant know it all jerk.

And he listened.  That is so important.  He even had suggestions to make for treatment options!  Things I had never had recommended to me before.  We did an epidural at my first appointment.

I have never had an epidural before.  It didn’t hurt any worse than anything else this body has gone through in the last year and oh wow, it’s been a year.  And I walked in using my cane and with a limp and walked out not needing to use my cane and the limp was gone.  Mostly because my hip was mostly numb after the epidural.

It was the lowest my pain has been in a year.  I smiled for a few hours.  It wore off after about 5 hours, but I didn’t expect it to last very long.  We did steroids and anesthetic.  The steroids haven’t kicked in yet, if they even kick in at all, but the anesthetic is supposed to be like a reset button.  We can do it every month and hope that one of these times we do it, when my pain starts to come back, it comes back at a lower level.  Didn’t happen the first time, but maybe the second or third or ninth will be the charm, I don’t know and I don’t care.  I just know that for 5 hours my pain was below an 8.

Nothing else we have done since June 2017 has put my pain to an 8, let alone below it.  For that five hours or so, I mostly felt like my old self.  Now, it gave me a headache that day and I have a small bruise that I can feel when I sit in my chair to work, but those are small prices to pay for being low on the pain scale.

We spent about five minutes talking about other things that can cause pain and why I didn’t have them, but I expected that.  CRPS is not a diagnosis that is agreed upon immediately by doctors.  And Dr. God was no different.  However, after discussing my pain for a short time and what it isn’t, he agreed that it was CRPS.

3 thoughts on “Dr. God and the Epidural

  1. So happy a doctor is actually listening!

    I go in for an epidural in a little over a week and can’t wait! I have a compressed disk in my lower back and can barely walk. I will also get the shot of steroids and anesthetic. And the next day, I have to sit through an all-day training class. I can’t wait to see how that goes.

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