Fingers Crossed

I need some good vibes.  I start with a new pain management doctor tomorrow.  What I want is for him to be as good as Dr. Wonderful, but willing to stick with me for more than three months.

I have been warned that he’s a bit of an asshat, but I was also told if I could put up with Dr. Wonderful and even start liking the man, I could deal with Dr. God… Which was the other patient’s nickname for the doctor.

It has been a struggle this week to not run off to the ER.  However, I have concerns about it and those concerns have been heavy enough to keep me home even though I think constantly about removing my leg with a Sawzall.

2 thoughts on “Fingers Crossed

  1. I get the pleasure of driving 100 miles Thursday so all teeth can be pulled for dentres. lovely.. just what I wanted to waste 9,000 + on.. but with MS and a fall where you hit your chin and break almost all the teeth you have’s going to be a gorous trip… and they think Im on sufficient meds..then why is my entire face one bigain… Morphine and Percocet aren’t doing a darn thing but making it bearable as long as I dont want to eat or drink… I’ll pray for you, say one for me..Inaly got one parents estae thru probate while bg bro was dragging me thru two states courts he was also taing over cae of aunt and uncle telling them lord knows what then when tried calling in novfound ohhh he moved them to a elder care and guess who can’t know where.. I got calls sent me racing to hospitals to see bodirs before mortuary teams collected them.. now who do you think is geting illions, and me I’m just a honorable mention in the will.. I was also supposedly an adopted neice.. funny middle name Rose aunts Rosie… heck for someone adopted with same hair as Mom.. Life sucks sometimes… you gotta just man u and have soeone hide the guns and sawzaws…

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