And Now For Another Word from Mother Nature

As Kilauea continues to increase the size of Hawaii, another volcano has erupted.  On Sunday, Mt. Fuego decided to blow it’s top.  Unlike, Kilauea, Fuego killed several dozen people in it’s explosive eruption.

It’s pretty rare for two volcanoes to suffer explosive eruptions in the same year.  Normally, there’s one big eruption followed by several years of silence from the world’s active volcanoes.

However, it’s going to be a weird year.  There was an EF3/EF4 tornado in Wyoming also over the weekend, which doesn’t happen but about every 30 years.  Also, there’s a geyser eruption going on in Yellowstone that has been happening since Kilauea began belching smoke in early May…  All while Ol’ Faithful is getting less faithful.

More later on those things, I need to do some more research.

3 thoughts on “And Now For Another Word from Mother Nature

  1. The real stupidity goes to Harry Reid’s set for putting a power plant FRACKING ON A ACTIVE VOLCANO. How dumb people can be… They didn’t even put it on the other side ohh…it wll be just fine here right next to the slow lava flow we’ve had forclose to 30 yeas.. get the plate tectonics acting uo and thin it’s strange that Volcanos are blowing their tops??? Next look to Yellowstone.. That will really hurt Reid and cohorts..


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