Downloading Consciousness

There are multiple scientists mapping the brain. If we can map it in it’s entirety, we might be able to change how humans work.

Some refer to it as immortality, others an abomination, but if we can map it, how long before we can put our brain into a data format? We already have neural implants that can make prosthetics work with our thoughts.

Some one in one of my support groups said people like us could get new, robotic bodies if we found out how to turn our brains into data format… I am less optimistic about that. Yes, it could be done, but would it solve our pain problem? I have doubts.

I think all chronic pain sufferers would actually have phantom pains. When I have ,a really bad migraine for a day or two after I have what I call a ghost migraine. It’s not a migraine, it’s a memory of the migraine that my brain is manifesting. The pain isn’t as bad as the original migraine and it really throbs in time with my heart, but it is still a touch of pain.

I think something similar would happen for people with CRPS and MS and severe arthritis. I think even in brand new robotic bodies, our brains would manifest pain. Like a ghost migraine it wouldn’t be real pain, it would be a manifestation of remembered pain.

I have experienced other chronic pain diseases first hand, but CRPS is worse than any migraine I have ever had. Unlike ghost migraines, I worry the memory of pain would be worse, like it is with phantom limb syndrome. I dated a guy who had lost his leg due to diabetic complications after a car accident and he claimed the phantom pain in his missing limb was worse than the pain he had actually experienced in it.

Sadly, we still don’t understand phantom leg syndrome. Meaning we can’t prevent it from happening….

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