Polymorphic Light Eruption

The area of skin that I showed off all covered in rash earlier this week is polymorphic light eruption, which is a fancy way to say my skin in that area has become allergic to the sun and I learned cotton is not a sun barrier.

I told my doctor it couldn’t be a response to sun because I get it even when I am wearing a jacket and he asked if it was the jacket I wear all the time, I said it was, and he asked if the jacket was cotton. So I wear a ton of all natural cotton shirts and jackets and I told him I did and he told me cotton is not a sun barrier.

Awesome. Most all natural materials are not true sun barriers as it turns out. Meaning the majority of my clothing is not going to stop the rash. He recommended I wear polyester blend turtlenecks when I’m outside.

Ok. I you know I am menopausal and yet you want me to wear polyester turtlenecks outside during a Missouri summer. Holy crap. I’m either going to have to suffer the rash or melt. Good job body.

I feel like my body is bullying me… always feel like the bone in my hip is broken, now the sun causes a rash, and menopause.

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