Several Weeks Ahead

I am about 6 weeks ahead on blog posts, which is why some days more than one releases.  Those are the days I miss that I already had one scheduled or I have to write another one like today.

I finished The Dysfunctional Mob, which is awesome.  It needs some work still, but that’s easy enough to do.  I am working on Ritual Dreams.

However, the reason I am really glad I am six weeks or so head on blog posts is because I am battling a massive rash.  They tell me it’s an allergy or nerve reaction.  Benadryl and hydrocortisone cream have been unhelpful with the itch and pain.

I get it when I go out in the sun.  I started dealing with it last May and this year it is back.  We can’t decide if I have suddenly become allergic to the sun on certain areas of my body, or if I’m allergic to my own sweat… Or what.  The problem is it only happens in the neck line area of my chest.  And even when wearing a t-shirt or a jacket, in the sun, I get it.

The fact that it is so localized and doesn’t respond to allergy medication or steroids is why we are still searching for the cause.  A doctor suggested it could be related to CRPS.  According to him, with my nerves being in meltdown mode all the time, they might be perceiving sun as a threat to the nerves in that one area.  Which if it was a full allergy to the sun or my own sweat, it should be less localized, as I get sun everywhere.

However, this rash is coupled with “red face”.  It’s not a rash.  I suddenly turn beet red in the face and it doesn’t matter if I am hot or not.  Yesterday, I got red face sitting in my air conditioned dining room, after being outside for several hours.  My mother says it looks like I’m about to blow a gasket or have a heart attack when it happens and I know it must be bad because even my husband becomes concerned when my face turns red.

The red face doesn’t itch and unless someone points it out to me or I glance in a mirror, I don’t even know my face has turned an unhealthy shade of red.  So far, I have not been able to reproduce the rash or the red face in front of a doctor.  I have been relegated to showing them pictures and selfies of the two things.  Which isn’t exactly the most useful diagnostic tool, but at least I have evidence it’s happening.

So, here’s the rash yesterday afternoon.  I haven’t caught a selfie of the red face, but I’m crossing my fingers it happens soon, like in the next couple of weeks.  However, I’m not a huge fan of taking pictures of myself, so it wasn’t until the rash got really bad yesterday afternoon that I even thought to take a picture of it.

Because when it started last year, I couldn’t show the doctor what I meant by it looks like I am having a massive hive attack, but that it is very localized and it doesn’t respond to antihistamines or steroids.  If you have any suggestions, let me know, because my doctor is throwing up his hands and scratching his head saying “I have never dealt with anything like this” and I can’t get into a dermatologist for over a month.


3 thoughts on “Several Weeks Ahead

  1. Try allegra, it helped with my hives for a year. If the 24hr pill dorsnt work, see if the doctor can get you the 4hr pill. The last time I had hives for a year I tried Zertec and it worked. Hope you feel better!

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  2. I had this happen to me a few summers ago! I thought I was losing my mind because my forearms and lowet legs would itch like hell nut I had no rash. It would happen if I was out in the sun or took a warm/hot shower. My Dr. told me it was allergies and put me on this strong med that I could only take at night. It was called hydroxydrine. I only needed it for 2 weeks and it went away. I never had that happen since. Good luck to ya!! Love the Dreams series!!

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