Some More Lucid Dreaming Tidbits

I don’t talk about lucid dreaming very often, because it actually scares the bejeesus out of me.  I listen to other people talk about their dreams and I’m like, nope, doesn’t apply to me.

One German study found lucid dreamers were more prone to night terrors as a child, even when the child couldn’t remember what they dreamed about.  It also found that about 51% of people it studied had experienced lucid dreaming at least once in their life time.

It also found people like me, were the exception.  I lucid dream every night.  It was one of the reasons for Clonazepam to deal with my anxiety.  Clonazepam actually dulls a person’s ability to remember dreams, which was really nice.  The following pieces of information pertain to myself.  I haven’t studied lucid dreaming very much.

  • My dreams are rarely a chaotic jumbled mess.  Meaning if a Walrus and a bear are in a bar, there’s a reason for it…  If Joe Blow walks in during the dream and sits with the Walrus and the bear, it also has a purpose.
  • My dreams seem longer than 15 seconds, which is the average time a dream supposedly lasts.
  • My dreams can pick up where they left off.  If I am awakened while dreaming and fall back asleep, my dream returns to where I am, at which point a fur trader might wander into the bar and I discover Joe, the Bear, and the Walrus, are all there to sell rabbit pelts and have a cold one.
  • My dreams might make sense, but they are still odd.  The premise for Ritual Dreams started during Flawless Dreams when I had a dream Azrael, tried to convince me to buy a vial of magic holy water  to ward off serial killers.
  • I often use my dreams in my books in one way or another.  The first chapter of Elysium Dreams was written when my friend was in the process of moving and I was concerned about the distance between.  In the dream, the guy doing the skinning, wasn’t adept at it and I ended up covered in blood trying to save my friend.  That was a wake up at 4 am and take a shower situation.
  • I have a vivid memory from when I was about seven of my father, sister, stepmother, and stepsister going to Silver Dollar City.  I don’t remember seeing or doing anything at Silver Dollar City, except riding the log flume with my father.  Except, I’ve never been.  My sister and father will renounce the memory under oath and it seems strange that I can remember the log flume so vividly, but nothing else about the place.  Oddly, I don’t believe I was even tall enough at 7 to ride the log flume at Silver Dollar City and I am convinced it was actually a dream.
  • I have a second memory from around the same time that involves my mother and sister and a store that has been in our city for ages.  My mom met a guy and he took all of us upstairs in the attic of the store and gave us free clothes.  I figured out in my early 20s there was no way it was a real memory.  The store in question is a flat roofed single story building in our historic district and the guy looked like Harry Dean Stanton.
  • I started keeping a dream diary after I realized the store memory had to be an implanted memory from a dream because if I write them down, they are less likely to implant as memories.
  • I am not the only one in my family that has implanted memories that most certainly started as dreams.
  • It takes me a while after I wake up to forget my dreams.  I’m talking a few hours, not a few minutes.
  • All dreams bother me enough to make me not want to sleep which is why I have sleep anxiety.
  • I prefer to have weird dreams than to have good or bad dreams because I am less likely to have sensory perception in weird dreams, like Joe, a bear, and a walrus met up with a fur trader in a bar, I didn’t smell or taste anything in that dream.
  • I have eaten a meal in my dream and woken up feeling stuffed.
  • I don’t have to have first hand experience with anything to dream about it.
  • Even though it might not seem like it at first, all my dreams are horribly logical and by the time they end, they make perfect sense.  Joe, the bear, and the walrus, turned out to be Joe, two guys in costumes because it was October, and the fur trader also turned out to be a costumed guy, and I ended up being at a bar during a costume party.
  • When they happen, I am often aware that I am dreaming, even if I don’t realize it immediately upon waking up.
  • I am more likely to remember a three week old dream than what I need to pick up at the store, even if I haven’t written the dream down, but I have written down the stupid shopping list.
  • I consider any dream with a lot of smells to be bad dreams.
  • My most common dreams are dreams where someone I know is murdered by myself or someone else, burning in a fire, or freezing in a frozen lake.

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