Concerts have always been something I enjoyed immensely.  Unfortunately, as my migraines got worse in my late 20s it was something I had to forego because I couldn’t control the lights or the music volume…

The best concerts I have ever been to are in fact two acts that while I love them, they are not in my top 5 all time favorites.  The first was Marilyn Manson in the 2000s.  He played a show at the Fabulous Fox Theatre, a play house known more for things like Phantom of the Opera and Grease than Marilyn Manson.

It was my first time seeing Manson as well as my first time seeing a concert at the Fabulous Fox.  I had seen a dozen or so plays there, but live music is totally different.  However, because it is a hot spot for musicals in St. Louis, the acoustics for Marilyn Manson were amazing.  He also puts on one hell of stage show and anyone who even slightly enjoys his music would not be let down attending one of his concerts.

The second best is kinda weird.  Rob Zombie just over the state line in Kansas.  I don’t remember the venue or even the town we were in, it was still close enough to Kansas City to be Kansas City in my brain.  What I do remember is while standing in line to get in, there was a severe storm warning.  I had seen Rob Zombie before and his stage show is also very good.  It’s hard to beat like Go-Go Dancers and Cage Dancers, all clothed with a bit of a psychedelic slide show on a projector playing behind Zombie.  On this particular night, he finished his set, went back stage and when he returned for the encore he made an announcement… He had finished up as they issued a tornado warning and we were not allowed to leave until it ended.  So he picked up his guitar and begin to play some more.  Not just his stuff, but staples of hard rock that I had been listening to since I was a kid.  It was amazing.  I don’t know how long he played, but he played the entire time we were stuck in the concert venue waiting out the tornado warning.  Most bands would have said screw it and hid in their dressing rooms.  The fact that Zombie came back out to play for us was awesome.

I thought of this because the other night, I listened to a song I hadn’t listened to in ages, and gagged about half way through because I suddenly thought of the live show I had seen.  The song was Blurry by Puddle of Mudd.  It is actually a great song, the problem with the concert was that we were close enough to see the lead singer, who had a cold or something, and was plugging one nostril and blowing out the other while he sang.  Holy crap.  I can’t even wipe my great nephew’s nose.  Sitting through the concert was revolting.  As much as I like Puddle of Mudd, I haven’t been able to listen to a song by them since that concert.

Now I have been to countless concerts in small venues where I was almost on the front row of the mosh pit, close enough I could spit on the band if I was so inclined… everyone from Type O Negative to KMFDM to Gogol Bordello.  That was the first time I had seen a singer or any band member do that.  Much like watching Manson at the Fabulous Fox, I love smaller venue concerts for slightly lesser known bands like KMFDM.  I can’t talk to them, good god, talk about someone getting star struck…  I’ve had ample opportunities to meet KMFDM and I always spaz out and try to find something to hide behind.  Because I am a total geek, just FYI.  However, music is one of my many passions.  Sadly, even though my migraines are much improved, my mosh pit days are long gone because I can’t imagine a mosh pit with CRPS.  The only good news is there are only 2 bands I would love to see that I didn’t before the end of my concert going.  They are on my bucket list though and one day, when I have better pain management, I hope to get those two bands off my list (Rammstein and U2).

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