A 9/11 Did You Know Moment

Most Americans remember where they were when they heard planes had crashed into two towers of the World Trade Center complex.  I had turned 21 just 2 weeks before and I was at work, in a government office.

I remember my coworkers complaining that they wanted to close the office for the day.  We didn’t close and it would be well after lunch before we heard the word terrorism associated with it.  Since that day, terrorism has become a part of daily life.  Europe, Canada, the US, we have all had to deal with acts of terrorism in its many, many forms.

There has been something very big happen since September 11, 2001, Smartphones.  It is true that by 2001, cell phones had become fairly common place, but they weren’t capable of the video quality or storage capabilities that smartphones have.    This means we take for granted the fact that these days when an act of terrorism occurs in Europe, Canada, or the US it probably gets captured on about 200 videos.

That is not the case with 9/11.  There are only 3 known recordings showing the first plane’s impact with the World Trade Center.  There are only about forty or so videos of the second plane’s impact.  This is why when they replay video of the World Trade Center attacks, it is usually the smoking, collapsing towers, not the actual impacts.

I heard someone the other day talking about how they don’t show the impact footage on TV out of respect for those that died and the families.  This isn’t true.  It isn’t shown, because it is basically worth it’s digital weight in gold.  The videos that show the second impact, were actually being filmed not because people were expecting it to happen again, like conspiracy theorists suggest, but because people were filming the smoking hulk that was left of Tower One.

The most famous video was taken by a documentary film maker who wasn’t there for the towers, he was there filming fire fighters.  He heard the plane and saw it flying low over New York City and turned his camera skyward to see what was happening.  That is the only reason he caught the first impact.  The other two were tourist videos.  They are shaky, grainy, and not of good quality.  Like the documentary maker, they were filming something else when they heard the plane and just happened to look skyward, pointing their camera lens in the same direction as their eyes.

There is this myth that there are hundreds of videos of the 9/11 terrorist attack on the World Trade Center, but they have been suppressed by the American government to cover up their involvement in it.  The truth is, that technology has progressed significantly since September 2001, but because we weren’t to that point at the time, there just aren’t many videos of the events until after the second plane impacts the second tower and the world had already changed by that point, even if it didn’t know it.

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