Forget Russia, Let’s Talk Wikileaks*

*If you are a Trump supporter who believes he can do no wrong, this post will offend you.  Do not send me nasty messages about it, because I refuse to listen to arguments about how awesome our treasonous president is and yes, Trump did commit an act of treason with regards to his association with Julian Assange.

My problem with the Special Counsel’s investigation is that they picked the wrong collusion partner.  Anyone from Trump’s campaign, including Trump Jr., that talked to Wikileaks co-founder Julian Assange should be tried for treason.  This claim is not without it’s merits…

Julian Assange lives in an Ecuadorian consulate in London, because he is an Australian that no one else would shelter as a political refuge from England, Norway, Australia, and the US. He is wanted for Sexual Assault as well as a variety of other crimes and Ecuador was the only country willing to take him in and help him avoid the charges in a slew of countries.

Assange’s dealings with world governments has been complicated and I won’t discuss them all because I’d like to keep this post to less than 10,000 words.  Let’s deal with Wikileaks, Assange, and Trump.

During the 2000s, as the war in Iraq was heating up, Wikileaks released several documents dealing with US Military operations in Iraq.  At the time, many lawmakers called for Assange’s head.  They wanted to try him for espionage, a charge that stuck, and a warrant was issued for his arrest.  He was living in England already, and facing charges of sexual assault in Norway where he has been accused of drugging and raping multiple women.  Some of the charges have expired while Assange lives in the Ecuadorian consulate, who does not have extradition treaties with any of the countries where Assange has been accused of espionage and sexual assault.

In other words, if Assange steps foot out of the Ecuadorian consulate, he will be arrested by British police and the US has already won an extradition hearing to have him turned over to the US government.  So Wikileaks co-founder is a fugitive from justice in the US, wanted for capital crimes.  So, Assange will face the same sentencing possibilities as a spy with boots on the ground in Washington DC or a serial killer from Illinois.  Trump Jr’s multiple emails to Assange is horrifying in that respect.  Worse, members of Trump’s campaign actually visited Assange at the Ecuadorian consulate in London.

Let that sink in… Trump Jr was exchanging emails with a man wanted for spying in the US, worse Assange passed along classified material that he had received due to hacks against several US governmental agencies, and members of Trump’s campaign went to London to meet with him one on one.  And it’s supposed to be okay?!

Why is Trump or Trump Jr. above the law?  If that was a normal every day person from the US meeting with Assange, not only would we end up on a watch list, we would be detained, probably by the CIA, NSA, FBI, DHS, and DIA for meeting with a spy.  And we aren’t just talking about a guy that hacked into the Democratic National Party’s servers, we are talking about a man that released information about military operations in Iraq and Afghanistan while they were happening.  The crime was considered so severe that the US government tried Assange in absentia because he wouldn’t come to the US to argue his case because he knew he would be arrested on sight.

Many of our legislators have argued that Assange isn’t just a spy, but a terrorist.  Yet, Trump Jr. and the Trump campaign kept in contact with him because it served their purpose.  That can’t possibly be legal.  Oh, right, it’s not… American citizens who knowing consort with someone who is considered a spy or terrorist can be tried on the same charges.  If you or I were to go hang out with Assange for a cup of tea, we would be tried on charges of espionage, even if we didn’t give him anything and he didn’t give us anything, and we let the government record our conversation about rugby, darts, or soccer.

PS: You can thank the Cold War for that law.  During the Cold War and McCarthyism, it was decided that Americans who consorted with spies knowingly, must also be spies and therefore, subject to the same penalty.  Which just as an FYI, charges of espionage often carry the death penalty.  Spies can be executed after they have been found guilty.

So why isn’t Trump Jr, up on charges of espionage?  Also, if President Trump knew Trump Jr was communicating with Assange, he is also guilty of espionage in the eyes of the law.  And from his tweets, we all know he knew his son was communicating with Assange.

Thank god for double standards I guess?  This is a big part of the reason I cannot support President Trump.  I refuse to support a spy which is by definition treason.  If you are a Trump supporter, fine, continue to support someone who committed an act of treason, but do not give me a list of all the reasons he is better than our other presidents, because regardless of what you thought of Carter, Reagan, Bush, Clinton, Bush II, or Obama, at least they weren’t traitors supporting and possibly encouraging espionage against the US.


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