I Don’t Think That Means What You Think It Means…

I am so tired of hearing people say “it’s a witch hunt” and that includes our current president of the United States.  As a Missourian, I’m getting to hear it a ton because our governor has also started using it.

If you don’t read or listen to the news, here’s the deal.  The Governor of Missouri has been indicted on a felony invasion of privacy charge for sharing a nude picture of his former mistress.  The City of St. Louis is also considering indicting him for misappropriation and misuse of a charity donor list.  He was a lawyer for a charity before he became governor and he used the charity’s donor list to solicit campaign contributions, which is illegal.  It also appears he lied about how he was given the donor list, if the charity CFO or president gifted him the list to use, that is different than if he got it from the servers, downloaded it, and used it.

Every time he gives a press conference he tells Missourians that these charges and investigations are nothing more than a witch hunt.  Um, actually, they aren’t.  A witch hunt would require you to be innocent and I’m not convinced you are.  Furthermore, the Republican Party that our governor belongs to, is a huge part of the investigations… Meaning they don’t really believe him to be innocent either and several prominent Republicans in the Missouri House and Senate have called for his resignation.  So yeah, stop using the phrase because it doesn’t apply here.

I think my favorite has been after the leader of the Republican party for the State of Missouri called on Greiten’s to resign as governor, the governor essentially accused him of leading the witch hunt.  The Missouri House and Senate have called a special meeting to discuss possible impeachment because he won’t resign.

I feel like madness is leaking out of people’s ears anymore and infecting others.  I say this because the Governor of Missouri has pretty much plagiarized President Trump on several occasions when talking about the criminal charges and investigations using the exact same wording that President Trump uses when he talks about the DOJ,the Special Investigation and the FBI.

I am sick of hearing those words.  If you want to do things that are a little shady, don’t run for public office.  Also don’t stand anywhere and repeatedly preach that every investigation of your shady dealings are unfounded, because it quickly becomes unbelievable.  I have a post coming up about Wikileaks and Julian Assange because I am not sure Americans actually understand the depths of that betrayal to the American public.  For those of you who believe the President is infallible, I’ll warn you not to read it.

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