Socialism theory vs. Reality

I get tired of listening to people slam socialism based on the realities of the Soviet Union… Because the Soviet Union was no more a socialist country than the US is a democracy.  For all those about to protest, the US is a Republic and it even says that in the Pledge of Allegiance (I pledge allegiance to the flag, and to the Republic for which it stands…)

In reality, the Soviet Union started out with socialist ideas, but putting the theories into practice was much more difficult than expected, especially once Lenin died and Stalin was in.  Here’s the deal, once Stalin took over, the Soviet Union turned into a tried and true form of rule a fascist dictatorship.  It didn’t revert to attempting to be a Socialist government after the death of Stalin either.

Here’s the down and dirty on government, a country can proclaim to use any style of leadership they want, whether that be socialist, democratic, a constitutional monarchy, or a fascist dictatorship, but just because they claim it doesn’t make it real.  In most countries, the idea that the Soviet Union was socialist is propagated to justify vilifying Soviets in history books.  In the US, we still want to demonize the Soviet Union, so we still heavily rely on the pointing out the evils of socialism via USSR examples.  The truth is that even when it was happening, people who taught about governments were constantly pointing out that the Soviet Union wasn’t a socialist country.

As a matter of fact, during the late 1930s, academics who studied government styles were pointing out that Nazi Germany was more socialist than the Soviet Union.  The Nazis also claimed to be socialists and it is easy to see that Nazi Germany is a fascist dictatorship.

As someone who has spent a lot of time studying the Soviet Union from the perspective of a US citizen interested in Russian history, particularly Russian history of the 1910s-today, I hear it all the time, how can you be so determined to study such a brutal socialist country.  Um, it wasn’t socialist.  No matter how many times people say it was a socialist government, it still isn’t going to be a socialist government.

Lenin had big ideas, ideas that actually aren’t feasible.  Socialism like democracy is impossible.  There has never been a true democracy in the history of the world and there will not be a true socialist government in my life time.  Possibly not in the lifetimes of any of my great nephews or their children, should they decide to breed or their children’s children.

Think of it in an easier way… I can put on a Habit and call myself a Nun, but that doesn’t make me a nun, it just means I’ve decided to start dressing like a nun to the outside world.  The same is true of Nazi Germany and the Soviet Union, they liked to tell the world they were socialists, fighting for the common man, but really they just wanted to decrease their populations while gaining more land.  In other words, they might have put on a slouched cap and work trousers and called themselves socialists, but they it was window dressing for those looking at their public persona.

China did the exact same thing… It claimed to be a socialist government when really Chairman Mao was a dictator governing a dictatorship.

Please stop perpetuating myths with examples that actually prove the exact opposite.. In other words, telling the world how awful socialism is based on what happened in the Soviet Union is like pointing out how terrible a Democracy is based on the US, since the US isn’t a democracy all it does is highlight that the US is a republic, just like pointing out that the Soviet Union was a miserable place to live highlights the fact that it was a dictatorship not socialism.


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