Did You Know…

Here’s a something to think about Blogpost.  Did you know as American Citizens, we are not supposed to blindly support or follow any political candidate.  This means that each of us are supposed to have things we like and dislike about whoever is serving as President of the United States of America.

Washington actually found it discouraging that he was so popular.  As Americans we are supposed to question what our lawmakers and leaders do.  This questioning is supposed to keep us from electing tyrants.  Washington and Franklin both hated political parties because they distracted from the purpose of elections.  This means regardless of whether you identify as Republican, Democrat, Independent, or Green Party, Washington hated the idea of voting for candidates because of political party.

Interestingly, Washington did predict that it would happen in the US just like it had been happening in England for a long, long time.  If you are a member of the Labour Party in England you probably vote Labour even if you don’t think the person is right for the position they are filling.

As my state continues to deal with the crisis of our Governor, who in fact might not be fit to hold the office, it has been on my mind a great deal.  In case you’ve missed it, the Republican Governor of Missouri has been indicted on felony charges of invasion of privacy.  To some degree, he probably isn’t guilty of everything he’s been accused of, which includes coercion to achieve sexual favors against his mistress.  However, whether that is true or not, the City of St. Louis and a grand jury of the Governor’s peers decided there was enough evidence to take the felony invasion of privacy charge to court and let it a jury decide whether he is guilty or not.

Here’s the thing, if he wasn’t governor, if he was just Joe Blow, the fact that a grand jury decided there was enough evidence to procure criminal proceedings against him makes me think there’s some merit to the charges.  It also makes me think that he is in fact not fit to hold office.  Because frankly, if he was just some guy (a lawyer on top of that), he’d be disbarred already by the Missouri Bar association and most people would be in agreement that he is guilty.

However, because he’s the governor and he’s a Republican, almost everyone, particularly people who tend to vote Republican are saying it’s just the city of St. Louis trying to burn him at the stake.  I’m not sure why we have become a nation convinced that our public officials never do anything wrong and that if they get caught doing something wrong, it’s obvious the fault of someone else (this time the City of St. Louis and the media).

When the hell did public officials start walking on water?  And anyone who knows anything about history, knows that this kind of partisanship is exactly what our Founding Fathers feared.  That’s why the 2nd amendment exists.  If we have the right to bear arms, we can overthrow tyrants elected to office.

Even Republicans in the Missouri Government have asked Governor Greitens’ to resign from office, which he refuses to do calling the investigation a Witch Hunt… Except, it’s hard to make that claim when the decision to indite him came from a jury of his peers.  Also, Witch Hunts require someone to be completely innocent of the charges against them and I don’t think that’s the case here.  Is the investigation flawed?  Absolutely.  Please stop watching Law & Order so we can go back to being a society that understands no one is perfect including law enforcement officials…

We have touched on my other pet peeve, sorry going to get side tracked for a moment.  If law enforcement investigations were 100% perfect all the time, we would never have an unsolved crime and remember my post about forensic science, the same thing applies here.  Investigator bias is a real thing and every detective suffers from it.  There is a great example in serial killer Maury Travis who was active in St. Louis not that long ago.  When he first showed up and it became obvious that there was a serial killer at work, profilers profiled Travis would be white for no other reason that the overwhelming majority of serial killers are white males.  So no, there are flaws in the system regarding investigations but rarely does it include preconceived political ideology (for an example of this, look at the FBI during the Hoover years)… However, for some reason the public doesn’t believe that investigations can be tainted by investigator bias unless it is because they belong to the opposite political party, which is asinine, just FYI.  I am less likely to believe someone who beats up his girlfriend on the weekends for fun, didn’t also abuse his child, however one does not guarantee the other and so even I, who am acutely aware of bias, has it.

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