Evidence of Aliens

I’m not a huge believer in alien visitations, however I do watch Ancient Aliens a great deal mostly because it forces me to think about ancient civilizations and history in ways I hadn’t before.  I don’t believe aliens helped build Stonehenge, any pyramids, or gobekli tepe… As a matter of fact if I was going to search for evidence of aliens, I probably wouldn’t go back more than a century in world history.

I know that there is an evolutionary event called the Big Bang of the Brain.  Essentially we went from pre-human ancestors to modern humans and it has to do with the sudden unexplainable expansion in the size and ways humans used their brains.

In 6,000 years or so, history might be talking about the fact that there were 2 of these events or they might be offering the 20th century up as evidence of ancient alien visitations.  Here’s why, less than a century ago, we were still struggling to get electricity in most homes, as a matter of fact it was the 1920s before half of US homes had electricity and it would be the 1970s before most homes had indoor plumbing.  Somehow we went from that to fiber optic cables and the internet in the 1990s.

As far as progress goes, we have practically pole vaulted into the modern age.  And no one is entirely sure why or how.  What that means is science doesn’t entirely understand why suddenly in the last 100 years or so, did we suddenly bust out of conventional evolutionary technological growth into what we have at our fingertips now.

Seriously, the phone has only existed for 140 years, but now we have pocket sized smartphones that will connect to the internet, look up phone numbers for us, have voice controls, and dedicated telephone numbers  It took a few hundred years for us to move from horsepower to steam power.  And the transition was rocky, then suddenly we had combustion engines, telegraphs, telephones, and electricity and then we were putting men on the moon and creating computers and now we have personal computers, smartphones and god forbid we have a power outage…

Interestingly, when Nazi Germany created the first jet engine for an airplane, the Allies actually investigated if they were working with aliens.  However, if you look at things that define modern era, you’ll find the majority of it started to come into existence after the crash at Roswell, NM and a few other reported downed UFOs.  Maybe not surprisingly, one was in Nazi Germany shortly before they invented the jet engine.

It got me thinking, maybe Ancient Alien theorists aren’t looking at the picture the right way, maybe ancient structures like the Pyramids of Egypt and Central America/Mexico aren’t proof of alien visitation, maybe it’s modern technology that provides the strongest evidence of alien visitation.  Either that or modern humans have had another Big Bang of the Brain and we are just too close to the situation to examine it.  It isn’t entirely impossible that one or both of these things have happened.

Of course an increase of science fiction writers coupled with a second Big Bang of the Brain might explain all of it, but a good chunk of science fiction is based on the idea that aliens might be visiting Earth (even Superman was an alien).

From the point of view of a historian, it always amazes me what we have been able to achieve in such a short historical time span.  And we continue to achieve new things every day.  Just a new and different way to think about the modern era on a rainy afternoon… Maybe today is a direct result of alien spaceships crashing to our soil.

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