Murdered Because of Emails

In July 2016, Seth Rich a member of the Democratic National Committee was murdered.  The murder is still unsolved.  However, it is strongly believed that Rich was the one that provided the DNC’s emails to Wikileaks.

If that is true, if Rich did provide the emails to Wikileaks, the strongest motivation to kill Rich are those emails.  The leaked emails damaged the DNC during the 2016 election, significantly.  Who was hurt most by that?  The Clintons, Bill & Hillary Clinton received the brunt of the blow back from the release of the confidential emails.  This means that the Clintons are suspects.

Or should be.  But they aren’t because of the corruption within the FBI.  It provides more proof that the FBI is in fact out to get President Trump and that the FBI is willing to go out of their way to ignore evidence that might implicate the clinton family in something as serious as murder.  This proves the Clintons and the FBI are dirty.  The murder was dismissed as a mugging even though nothing was stolen from Rich.

This is how most modern conspiracy theories get started.  Someone makes a leap of logic and ta-da!  For the record, Seth Hill really was murdered.  Evidence suggests he fought with his attackers before being shot twice in the back.  It also ignores two very critical pieces of information…  One crime and muggings in Bloomingdale where Rich lived just outside of DC had seen a huge spike in crime in early 2016, including robberies, armed robberies, and muggings.  Rich was out at 4 in the morning, returning from a bar.  He was bruised as well as bloodied by the time he was shot twice in the back.  We are pretty certain that the release of the DNC emails to Wikileaks was Russia not Seth Rich.  Russian hackers have actually done it before on multiple occasions, hacked confidential emails and turned them over to Wikileaks.

Here’s another crime stat for you, the majority of muggings gone wrong do end when the victim begins to fight back.  And a lot of times the victim is gravely injured.  However, muggers as a whole are mostly just panicky.  This means when someone fights back, their fight or flight instinct kicks into overdrive and they mostly want to get away, even if that requires them to shoot their victim.  And during the panic, rarely do the muggers take anything.

Don’t fight with a mugger, just give them your stuff and go on with your life.  Because it is easier to catch a mugger trying to pawn your stuff than a mugger turned murderer, because stranger killings are really, really difficult to solve.

However, it is easy to see the birth of a conspiracy theory here.  This is a real conspiracy theory centered around real events that has had evidence changed or ignored to fit the theory.  If you know anything about the murder of Seth Rich there is a reward.  Also, when dealing with what looks and sounds like a conspiracy theory, check all the facts.  The first version of this I heard included surveillance video capturing two people following Rich.  It turned out the video only caught parts of their lower legs and they may or may not being following Rich… Most likely, this is exactly what it looks like, those legs probably belong to two men, although in the video even that couldn’t be discerned, and this probably really was a mugging that went wrong.  Rich being shot in the back actually strengthens the mugging gone wrong theory.  In a mugging, with 2 people, one probably would have stood behind him with a gun while the other attempted to take his stuff.  If Rich had begun to fight back, thereby creating the bruises on his knuckles, the man in back would have panicked and fired two shots into Rich’s back.

It is a sad and tragic loss of life, but it probably isn’t part of an FBI cover up to help the Clintons or put into place more FBI agents sympathetic to President Trump (I’m not even sure how that part of the theory fits in with this).

One thought on “Murdered Because of Emails

  1. FBI High Up corrupt boss won’t investigate and ignore evidence of government employee criminal behavior including perjury and legal terrorism against autistic people and people that ran a political blog that wasn’t big enough to have teams of lawyers to protect the political activists from set up campaigns. Not every FBI agent is corrupt, but there are corrupt specific high ups that are throwing out cases accepted by duty agents as they thought were credible for further investigation and review. It is cover up by a few bad apples in higher positions.

    The FBI protectionist boss that is unnamed in the Greensboro FBI office is as corrupt as Mueller and as corrupt as James Comey. Ignoring evidence that doesn’t meet the narrative that “Brian David Hill” is guilty according to the US Attorney. Any evidence of innocence is ignored, blackballed, and they want it sealed from public record. Evidence of government criminal acts is also ignored by the FBI high up in Greensboro. Brian was so angry about the corruption at the Greensboro FBI and federal courthouse, he said in one fax to USPO Burton that he dubbed it “Demonsboro”. He is so angry at the corrupt Judges and FBI there. Ignoring evidence, protecting corrupt lawyers and employees. Cover ups.

    You need to look into this FBI High-Up corruption issue and reblog about it.

    Please I beg of you to look at this link and consider blogging the entire entry and give a link back to the source of the leaked documents and audio recordings concerning what was said from the FBI and what was said to the FBI. Thank You! God Bless!

    LEAK: Docs regarding Greensboro, NC FBI shut down of perjury case, Wikileaks letter:

    You may repost the entire article in case of possible censorship of my blog. I have posted leaked documents from whistleblower Brian David Hill who has exposed that the duty agent of the Greensboro, North Carolina FBI office had accepted a case for perjury against a former US Probation Officer that perjured herself on the stand over an autistic meltdown over her attempt to prevent Brian from proving his actual innocence case. This has all been orchestrated by the corrupt US Attorney Assistant Anand Prakash Ramaswamy who has openly discriminated against Brian for his Autism and OCD. He doesn’t want Brian to prove his innocence to a crime he never committed due to a false confession he gave that was caused by coercion and threat that his mother would be held responsible. The FBI boss tried to cover it up by claiming that it was a merit-less claim when evidence proving multiple false statements and contradictions of what was said under penalty of perjury is technical perjury with an intent to harm an autistic man and drive him towards suicide.

    It proves that an FBI boss throw out complaints against corrupt government officials. The FBI boss in Greensboro refusing to let the FBI duty agent investigate corrupt US Probation Officer that has committed perjury, subornation of perjury, and maybe even obstruction of justice. All meant to stop a autistic man from proving his actual innocence. There is a legal war on Brian’s actual innocence battle by corrupt government interests.

    Anyways the proof of the FBI High-Up corruption is located at this blog article below. All of the facts and the joint letter to Congress are stored and need to be reviewed or at least retweeted or even reblogged so that researchers can investigate the newly leaked documents.

    So the duty agent says, hey come down Brian and give a statement to the FBI for the case of perjury against Kristy Burton who was part of an alleged plot to prevent Brian from timely filing his 2255 motion on the ground of actual innocence which is unlawful government impediment. She got away with lying in federal court and his own backstabbing lawyer stopped him from filing a motion to reconsider the home detention based on good behavior and the perjury of the Government’s witness so that Brian can focus on proving his actual innocence but that all failed.

    Fraud on the court by perjury and false confession being purported as genuine fact of guilt when the evidence shows otherwise. The US Attorney violated ethics rule 3.8 of the North Carolina state bar rules. That a federal or state prosecutor is supposed to disclose any evidence of actual innocence to the criminal defendant. They have refused to do so and admitted that their evidence records were destroyed in response to Brian’s FOIA lawsuit, Judge dismissed case claiming Brian has no right to the discovery evidence to prove his innocence. Brian claimed that is obstruction of justice in an effort to influence the court that Brian is not innocent when the Government’s own evidence points towards his innocence. They push for a pre-filing injunction to punish Brian and massively seal aka censorship his public court filings that aren’t subject to mass sealing and aren’t subject to the redaction requirements.


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