Please Stop Reporting Me…

It turns out I was slowly blocked and then banned from the HJ page due to people reporting me for offensive language.  Somehow they missed that I owned the page and found it last week when they went to rebuild the HJ page from their end.

My access has been restored which is good, but I’m not feeling particularly involved at the moment.  It turns out the warnings that I had been reported went into my spam folder on Gmail, so I missed the notices.  I was reported 4 different times at the end of January/first part of February.  Eventually, I was banned from the HJ page, which is when I stopped being able to do more than read comments made on the HJ page.

I’m a little sad about it.  I usually issue warnings before I swear and I don’t do it profusely on the HJ page simply because it doesn’t look professional to me.  However, I figure we are all adults, a few bad words here and there probably aren’t going to kill any of us – especially since I don’t recommend my books for teens or younger.

I will admit that the experience has soured me a little.  Not having access to my FB messages on the HJ page meant I couldn’t get some things mailed that needed to be mailed (because I lost the packages in my garage while they built my shower), so not only was I censored, but it caused a delay for other readers to get what they had ordered from me.

I don’t know who reported it and it doesn’t matter.  The part that gets me the most is that someone decided to try to curb my speech on my own FB page.  It might take a few more days to fully get past it.  I’m not the sort to hold a grudge, over anything, so I expect in the next week or so, I will be back to posting like normal on the HJ page.  We have a discussion tomorrow in the group about things that are really me that have been put into characters, like Ace’s minor fear of peepholes.

Over half the beta readers have checked in on Demonic Dreams and it is set to release as soon as all of them have (those that haven’t, still have 9 days to do so, since they don’t officially have to check in until April 18th).  As it becomes available from each retailer, I will post the links on  FB & my blog as well as providing them all in a newsletter mailing once I get them all completed.  So far, it might be everyone’s favorite of the series.  As I wait for the others to check in, I have been working on Ritual Dreams and The Dysfunctional Mob.

5 thoughts on “Please Stop Reporting Me…

  1. I am so sorry to hear of your pain and medical troubles. I truly pray you start feeling better! I cannot begin to tell you how excited I am about Demonic Dreams! I read the first book in the series and have been hooked ever since! I read them on iBooks and have honestly never found a series, or characters, as intriguing and unique as yours! I finished the entire series in an embarrassingly short amount of time and am on pins and needles for the next one! All my prayers and well wishes for you and yours!

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  2. I am so excited to read your next book! And dude….WTF. I’m baffled that anyone on your page would actually be offended by a few curse words. Love your work. As a fellow pain sufferer, I’m always amazed by all you accomplish and you’re an inspiration. Thanks for all the wonderful stories that keep me distracted on all my sleepless painsomnia nights!

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  3. Having been an avid reader for yrs, been on this blog for yrs, I have probably said worst {bleep-able} words then you have outside of your books the entire time I have known you…
    Hope who ever the sensitive tattletale has the guts to step forward and say A it was me..B I will accept an apology if you just try not to repeat…

    I spent yrs wondering the sex of your ‘Significant Other’ I never knew your name till we had a different point of view blasted I’ll pay for your shots !! and made a anonymous donation a few weeks later simply because when I begged for help at loosing two parents in different states on disability I was swamped….getting 20 bucks from a stranger I knew God put this on my shoulders to carry and I have been carrying since… being in probates since loosing both parents in 2016 now having lost an Aunt and Uncle told only drive the hr + if you want to see them before they are taken to the morgue.. only to find out somehow I am now somehow not a blood relative but an adopted one.. gotta love a big brothers after money, to the point of hiding what assisted living home he had them in and Christmas gifts etc returned….I got to visit not the dying relative but the cooled body…Feb and March have become mourning months along with new years day December etc..Then at memorials seeing everyone around me at the funeral in the pictures of their birthdays… I wasn’t even invited gifts returned..My cuss word vocabulary in the last 2 yrs has ballooned and I have become someone I no longer recognize as the person that wanted to write a free essay book and review books… I sleep with a candle burning every night and god to strike one person dead with a bolt of lightning every night.. I deal with MS and Breast Cancer I have cuss words to spare !!! You are too clean to even write your own romance and sex scenes for bleeps sake !!!!

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  4. It is beyond my comprehension how someone who’s a member of your private group could report you for cussing and I’m even more baffled as to why they would be a member to start with. What an ASS!

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