Dairy, 2 done, and another Great Nephew

It turns out my gallbladder’s kryptonite is dairy which is a problem. I love milk. Doctors are always surprised at my calcium and Vitamin D levels because I’m a woman and they are high. Women are notoriously bad about not getting enough calcium.

Two beta readers have finished Demonic Dreams and said it’s the best one yet. My editor had the same sentiment, so I think I produce another winner even if I did think parts of it were a little boring. There isn’t as much Death and destruction in Demonic Dreams as previous books and more psychological stuff, including some bonding.

Last night, our nephew and his wife had their baby. This gives us 2 great nephews. I’m pretty happy about it. It gives us another little one to dote on. Today, I’ve been trying to teach Jude, who has had a tummy bug all week, how to say the new great nephew’s name. He does okay though he still struggles a little with K/C sounds. Mostly it’s just really cute.

I have been working on The Dysfunctional Mob and Ritual Dreams while waiting for Beta readers to get back to me on Demonic Dreams. Both are going good. My editor/proofer will be happy I’m finishing books and sending money her way again. I hope the new specialist will listen to me when I tell him I want to be able to continue to work. Most people with CRPS have to quit working because the pain is so bad and just stepping wrong can turn a good day into a bad/flare day. I try not to ruin my day like that, but shit happens. Okay that’s me for now.

5 thoughts on “Dairy, 2 done, and another Great Nephew

  1. Hi HadenaSooooo looking forward to next D&R book.I have been following your posts I’m so sorry u have so much pain in your daily life i know just how u feel believe me.Wishing u the bestNinaLondonU.K.

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    1. Thanks Nina for the sympathy, sometimes you can feel very alone when you deal with chronic uncontrolled pain because no one really understands until they live with it. And I’m really excited to be about ready to publish the next D&R novel. I was worried my dream career had been flushed by this stupid disease.


  2. Hi Hadena, Huge fan of the Demonic Dreams series – they kept me entertained while fighting a horrible bout of bronchitis and couldn’t sleep for days, thank God for Kindle!

    Regarding your calcium level, I just wanted to mention my mom’s level was high and they did a PTH blood test and it turned out her parathyroid was messed up. (She’s supposed to have it removed, but she’s too terrified of anesthesia to go through with the procedure.) Simple blood test (PTH) can determine if it’s okay. It can lead to other problems though that will clear up once it’s removed – may help you overall.

    Best wishes, Kristina

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    1. I’ve actually had a PTH test because my doctor was so shocked that my vitamin and mineral levels all came back normal or high, especially calcium, Vitamin D, Vitamin C, and Foliate (which is a problem since I have MTHFR t homozygous genetic mutation which just means I don’t naturally create enzymes to break down folic acid). Everything came back good. Thank you though! I will keep it in mind now that I am menopausal and shit gets weird during menopause. 😂


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