Facebook, Physical Therapy, Wrap Cover, Beta Reader

I spent part of today working with Facebook in an attempt to figure out what is wrong with the HJ page.  It may disappear for a while tomorrow as they are going to rebuild it on their end and then just move followers to the rebuilt page or something.  I didn’t quite understand it because I have reached that age where technology is progressing faster than I am learning it.

I am in week 3 of physical therapy and it is not helping with my pain.  Most days, we can’t even get things to stretch, today was not one of those days as it felt everything needed to be stretched before I walked through the door and I was right.  I finally got an appointment with the only CRPS expert in Missouri.  I am so excited, it’s Friday morning at 10 am in St. Louis, about a 2 hour drive for me.

My trackball mouse appears to be having issues.  I am going to have to replace it.  I’ve had it for a couple of years now though and I cleaned it a few days ago and it still acts like the ball moving is difficult for it.  I figure I got my money out of it.

Melissa K. – I got a returned message when I sent you Demonic Dreams.  I really don’t have a way to contact you since I can’t yet get into my Facebook page.  My beta spots for D&R are full, but when and if I get back on the HJ Page, I keep a waiting list and can add you to it if you want to sign up for it.

Here’s the mostly completed cover, it doesn’t have a tag line because I can’t think of one, so it is going to be removed and then finalized and ready for use in publication of the book.  Moving right along with it.  Oh, Betas, in the email I sent it says March 18th, but you have until April 18th to get it back to me, it appears I can’t figure out what month it is.

Demonic Dreams by Hadena James full cover

5 thoughts on “Facebook, Physical Therapy, Wrap Cover, Beta Reader

  1. I’m so excited to finally see the cover. I have waited forever for this book although I totally understand because I myself have same issues. Im sure it will be well worth the wait when it comes out. Good luck at your appointment.

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