Demonic Dreams & Me Update

I got Demonic Dreams back from the editor and for the next day or two, I’ll be working on those changes then I’ll be trying to send it to the beta readers.  My email has changed and since I can’t get on the HJ Facebook page… I think I have a list in Word with all the names and emails.  If not, I’ll find a way to get in touch with you.

So it should go out to betas at the end of the week.  Then they have 2 weeks to respond and then I take a week, sometimes less to get it ready to publish.  So I expect it to be ready around April 20th.  Woo-hoo!

They’ve done every test possible on my gallbladder and it still seems to be fine, but isn’t.  I’m now learning what I can and cannot eat and it doesn’t make any sense at all.  Raw veggies and excessive dairy is out… I can eat all the cooked veggies I want, which is nice, but I like salads and things too.  Carbs aren’t bothering me and I have eaten a ton of pasta lately as a result.  Good thing I like pasta.  I can eat bacon but not struggle with a cheeseburger and I’m not sure why.

However, we found a new possible cause for it.  I’m officially in menopause.  Yay me.  My mom went through it fast, so my doctor suspects I will too.  He said I have to go off Depo Provera in a few years, which I’m not looking forward to, but whatever.  What I didn’t know was that a lot of women experience problems with their gallbladder during menopause and it clears up afterwards.  Which means I have to think about my next step really hard.

My doctors told me if I really want it out, they’ll make sure it comes out, but I run the risk of spreading the CRPS, probably to my liver, if they take it out.  Even with Ketamine during surgery I run that risk.  But if it’s being caused by menopause and my mom was in and out of the whole shebang in under five years… I can adjust my diet to foods I can tolerate and just ignore it until I finish menopause at which point, it may fix itself.

I admit, I’m tempted to push it and have them take it out.  On the flip side, I do not want this crap to spread.  I have it in enough places and the liver sounds like a very bad place for it to spread to.  My guess is that unless it causes me to become a prolific vomiter, I will leave it in place and hope finishing menopause ends it.


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