My Browser History

In the last two weeks I have researched a lot of different things: Jeffrey Dahmer, Crime Scene Clean Up, The Satanic Temple, gallbladder disease (because mine looked great on the scans the other day but continues to bother me), ritual murders, Florida Face Eater cases, Bath Salts (the drug), the spread of Krokodil in the US (thanks Detroit and KC for being the hub of that distribution ring), Palo Mayombe, The Satanic Panic (which is a really weird but actual thing), how to sell your soul to the Devil, how to summon a demon, whether it’s better to summon a demon with a ouija board or with a circle and incantation, the International Association of Exorcists, exorcisms in modern day, exorcism rites, the poem Paradise Lost by John Milton, and how multiple, multiple serial killers were caught and how others got away with it…

That’s in the last two weeks, a deep dive of my browsing history would turn up all sorts of weird things.  They are all perfectly innocent and easily explainable for me.  But I can’t help but wonder once in a while what someone who didn’t know me or know what I did for a living would think of my browsing history.

Or my book collection.  I have several that would make people scratch their heads, like The Encyclopedia of Black MagicThe Codex Gigas and The Encyclopedia of Demonology.  I feel like I should point out I am not a Satanist.  I have a lot of Satanist material from the Satanic Temple, they have books and pamphlets you can order online and they provide interesting research materials and reading material.  I do not research the Church of Satan or the Reformed Satanic Church very much, since the Satanic Temple are the ones that are phenomenal advocates for many, many things that actually make the world better and the The Church of Satan was founded by Anton LaVey mostly so he could justify having large orgies.  This stuff is interspersed with my books on unsolved mysteries, paranormal phenomena, a ton of books about Egyptian, German, Russian History, German language books, Russian language books and a bunch of fiction novels.  Meaning my book collection is rather eclectic.

Mostly, I like to learn about new things and books are the best way to do that.  As are information pamphlets, sometimes the internet, and sometimes people.  Lately, I have thought a lot about my mortality.  There are days I think the pain is going to kill me and I wonder what those nearest and dearest are going to think when they have to go through my stuff.

I’m working on a post about Dahmer, hence that research.  Not the cannibal stuff, everyone knows that, but the stuff that didn’t get as many headlines.  Not his life, but his crimes, because Dahmer was different even by serial killer standards… He might make Chikatilo seem like a choirboy, which is a feat, let me tell you.  Chikatilo was rather depraved and brutal, even though he looks like he could be high school music teacher.

5 thoughts on “My Browser History

  1. Anytime you need to vent about pain, autoimmune diseases, or doctors I’m here. Been there done that. And my hubby used to be in charge of the crime scene division for our sheriff’s office, so if you need to run some stuff by someone he’s here.

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