Homeowner’s Insurance

I was recently looking over our house insurance policy and came across a handy dandy piece of information.  If someone dies in my house, regardless of how or why, my insurance will pay for clean up.  So if an intruder were to break into my home and I killed him, my home insurance policy will pay for the cleanup, minus my deductible.

More surprising, it is a standard clause in most homeowners insurance policies.  Consider the cost of cleaning up a crime scene can get exorbitantly expensive (I’ve been researching crime scene clean up as part of my job, which seems like a weird thing to research when you don’t foresee yourself ever needing a crime scene clean up team.

Most of the time, I take care of cleaning up crime scenes at houses of my characters by burning them down. Particularly Nadine’s house which has had different sorts of fires in different places in multiple books.  Usually to deal with the crime scene clean up, because let’s face it, that isn’t a DIY job.

However, as I work my way through The Dysfunctional Mob which mostly takes place in Russia, I have been thinking about the ending.  Melina and Myra sitting and chatting over a cup of coffee as Nadine has escaped a situation that was nearly impossible to get into or out of and Vlad now working for Malachi… the two mothers have some things in common and they aren’t exactly known for being grandmothers that like to knit and do cross stitch in their spare time.

Anyway, as I was thinking about the ending, I realized I write crime novels and know next to nothing about crime scene clean up.  Hence the research.  And a look at my home owner’s insurance because I read somewhere that it is usually covered by insurance and sure enough my insurance has a clause that says they will pay for almost all crime scene clean up costs minus the deductible.

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