The Hitler Conspiracy

As most of you are aware, while my passion is writing, my second passion is history and I hold a European Military History Degree.  This mostly means I can tell you a lot about WWI and WWII from the perspective of Europe and identify planes and tanks used during both wars.  I’ve never found it particularly useful because I have never needed to identify tanks or planes used in WWI or WWII.  One day though, it might come in handy for something other than Trivial Pursuit, but I’m not going to hold my breathe.

I’m not a huge fan of conspiracy theories.  I find them entertaining, but they tend to be unsustainable pieces of thought.  However, some do hold water and the show Hunting Hitler hits at something most people don’t realize…  The Hitler Conspiracy argues that Hitler didn’t commit suicide in his bunker in Berlin as the Allied Forces encroached from both sides, but secretly escaped Berlin and went to South America to live out his days and die of natural causes… On the surface it sounds a little far fetched after all the Soviet Union recovered his body from the grave outside the bunker in Berlin.

The bones the Soviet Union found and decided were Hitler’s have been DNA tested and actually belong to a woman who is too young to be Eva Braun and unless Hitler was a 20-something female, they obviously aren’t his.  However, two things happened that made everyone doubt the authenticity of the bones belonging to Hitler.  The first was that the announcement of their recovery didn’t happen until 1948, three years after the supposed finding.  The second is that Joseph Stalin, leader of the Soviet Union spoke many times at the Nuremberg trials about how he didn’t believe Hitler was dead.  If the Soviet Union had Hitler’s bones in 1945, why did Stalin First among his Peers not believe Hitler was dead?  It isn’t like he wouldn’t have known in 1945 that some Soviet Soldiers had dug up the bones of someone they believed to be Hitler based on their positioning with the bunker in Berlin.

The bones have only been forensically examined once and Russia refuses to let any more examinations be done on them, especially after a DNA test showed they belonged to a woman and her age was based on her skull sutures.  I don’t know all the details, mostly because I don’t understand the science involved to determine age based on skull sutures.  I know they are the created by the spaces that allow some skull flexibility in newborns which is why giving birth doesn’t automatically result in death.  Eventually all those sections of skull fuse together to form a skull that doesn’t have flexibility in it and they can be used to approximate age because the thickness of the skull suture areas get thicker as we get older or something like that.

History is also aware that many Nazis fled from Germany at the end of World War II and escaped prosecution for war crimes by flooding into South America, specifically Argentina which had a Nazi sympathizer as president.  Argentina, Chile, and Brazil all have large pockets of German nationals and have since before WWII.  At one time, there were more Germans in Argentina than in the anywhere outside of Germany.  On top of that, accounts of Hitler’s suicide came only from SS members inside the bunker and the Allied Forces found out about his suicide via German broadcast radio, which was state controlled at the time and the announcement was made a day after the supposed suicide.

Eisenhower was critical of the SS officers involved in reporting Braun and Hitler’s suicides.  After all, members of the elite SS had to prove their loyalty to the fuhrer and the Nazi cause, meaning they had to be true believers unlike most low ranking Nazis.  The delay in broadcasting the news of Hitler’s death also concerned Eisenhower.  On this matter, Eisenhower and Stalin were completely in sync in their thoughts, as neither believed the reports to be true and demanded Hitler’s body as evidence.  Eisenhower was even willing to offer pardons if Hitler’s body was turned over to Allied Forces.  When it wasn’t, Eisenhower’s mistrust of the reports of suicide caused him to enlist the aid of J. Edgar Hoover and Hitler was added to the FBI’s list of wanted fugitives.

The other thing that troubled all the Allied leaders was that they had taken to using body doubles during WWII.  It hadn’t previously been done, but Prime Minister Churchill and Comrade Stalin both employed body doubles.  Stalin and Churchill were the first two leaders to question if body doubles had committed suicide in the bunker instead of Hitler.  There is no definitive proof that Hitler used body doubles, but more than a few Nazis hinted that he did after the war ended.

Combine all this together and it’s not hard to see why there are those that firmly believe Hitler escaped Berlin, the war tribunal at Nuremberg, and lived to be an old man in South America.  Even after the war and the proclamation by the Soviet Union that they had Hitler’s remains, Hitler remained on the FBI’s most wanted list and hundreds of Hitler sightings were followed up on both in the US and in other countries, particularly South American countries.

However, recent years have proven that Josef Mengele a high ranking Nazi physician who did unspeakable experiments on concentration camp prisoners did manage to escape Germany and died of old age in Brazil.  The first indication that he was alive was oddly the phenomenon of twins in an Argentinian town where the number of twins born is well above the world average.  After investigating for several years, it was determined that Mangele had lived in the town and offered free physician services to the townspeople.  One of Mangele’s interest was in artificially producing twins to grow the Aryan race much faster than natural reproduction rates allowed.

So it also isn’t impossible that Hitler escaped and made his way to a sympathetic community in South America… Which is why there is so many people that believe that’s exactly what Hitler did.

3 thoughts on “The Hitler Conspiracy

  1. You can continue to explore this topic in every post and I’ll read every word. I, too, am a history major. I’ve always thought the suicide story was just a little too convenient (and didn’t mesh well with his personal history or his ego.)

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    1. Considering he is probably a textbook example of a psychopath, I don’t really buy that he committed suicide either. He so convinced of his superiority that he carried on an affair with his niece for several years and when she decided he was too controlling, she “committed suicide” which was also a little too convenient in my opinion, I’m positive he murdered her and it was staged to look like a suicide and since the investigation came as he was well on his way to becoming the Fuhrer, anything that didn’t fit the theory of suicide was just ignored.


    2. And I am fascinated by conspiracy theories and how much effort would be required for them to be real, lately I’ve been reading up on a few historical conspiracy theories that don’t require huge leaps, like Hitler’s suicide.


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